Buhi… is a town at the bottom of the lake. Some say that the people of the enchanted town once lived on the surface of the earth like all of us. As they prospered and became wealthy, they forgot to pray and God punished them causing their town to sink into the earth overnight so that the next morning where once the town had stood now lay a beautiful lake.

Some say that on still days when there is no wind and the face of the lake is clear as glass you can look deep down to the bottom of the lake and see the enchanted people in their town at their everyday tasks. Some continue to till the earth like we do. Others continue to build houses. The women still cook the family meals and you can see the smoke from their kitchens.

It is even said that the little fish to be found in Lake Buhi which are the tiniest in the world are the trimmings from the fine abaca fibers with which the enchanted people continue to make the hats that the town was once famous for.


The Myths: Philippine Folk Literature by Damiana L. Eugenio. Published by the University of the Philippines Press, 1993. Paperback, 513 pages.

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