Four days before our trip to Batanes, we were denied services by Pension Ivatan, even after full payment, just because I expressed a sentiment about their booking policy. I, in panic, immediately called up DDD Habitat Inc. after I got the offensive text message from Mrs. Valiente, the General Manager of Pension Ivatan, and was able to book on the spot.

I read about DDD Habitat on Ferdz Decena’s website and their Facebook page and was able to call them on their landline. What struck me first and foremost was how nice the lady I talked to on the phone was. She was very polite and was easy to talk to. When I asked about downpayment, I was told a downpayment was not required. Hooray, I thought! “You could pay us when you get here. Or on your last day of stay.” That, given the circumstances, was the best thing I heard that day.

DDD Habitat Inc.

DDD Habitat is a fairly new place to stay and can be found along Lopez St. in Brgy. Kayvaluganan. It is walking distance from the airport, the National Road and Abad St. – the main street of commerce in Basco.

It also has a restaurant in the ground floor of the building – which can prove to be very convenient if you do not feel like going out to eat or is too tired from the day’s activities.

DDD Habitat Inc.

The food can take some time to be prepared but is delicious and not too pricey. I especially loved their french toast!

Aside from the restaurant, the ground floor has a reception area and a bookstore (as it is owned by the same owners of Rex Bookstore).

DDD Habitat Inc.

DDD Habitat Inc.

Rex Bookstore, Inc. Display area. Photo from DDD Habitat, Inc.'s Facebook page

What I loved most about this place was their free wi-fi. Though it unfortunately did not go all the way to our room in the third floor, they have another common area on the second floor where there are tables and chairs, a T.V. set and a water dispenser. We hung around this area on some nights.

DDD Habitat has air-conditioned rooms for P1,200/night and fan rooms for P600/night. All their air-conditioned rooms have two double beds.

DDD Habitat Inc.

Sabtang Room (A/C room) 2nd floor. Shared bathroom.

Itbayat Room on the 3rd floor. Photo from DDD Habitat Inc.'s Facebook page

Siayan Room on the third floor. Photo from DDD Habitat Inc's Facebook page

Ditarem Room (fan room). Photo taken from DDD Habitat. Inc.'s Facebook page

My family stayed in the Itbayat Room on the third floor while four of my mom’s friends stayed in the Siayan Room, also on the third floor but on the other side. Our friend Maya stayed in a fan room for a few nights until our other friend Andrea arrived and thereafter moved to the air-conditioned Sabtang room on the second floor.

I loved the fact that their A/C rooms are spacious, have cable TV’s, double beds and can accommodate up to 4 pax. What I didn’t really like was the inconsistency of their bathrooms. Sabtang for example doesn’t have its own bathroom but has to use the bathroom right outside its door, which is shared with the next room.

DDD Habitat Inc.

Shared bathroom right next to Sabtang Room, on the second floor

Siayan Room has its own bathroom inside while Itbayat has what I can only call a toilet inside, as it does not have its own sink. We had to use the sink right outside our door in the hallway for brushing our teeth and cleaning our infant’s bottles.

One great thing about this place is the roofdeck.

DDD Habitat Inc.

On the roofdeck, one can see the entire town, Mt. Iraya, the sea and even the Basco lighthouse.

DDD Habitat Inc.

Basco town

DDD Habitat Inc.

Mt. Iraya on a cloudy (post-rain) afternoon

DDD Habitat Inc.

A view of the town and the sea. (H is wearing a Travel Factor Photoholic shirt from the 2010 TF Olympics)

DDD Habitat Inc.

The Basco lighthouse is on the right

The roofdeck is a great place to hang out with friends in the evenings. It does not have chairs though.

Another thing I liked about this place was the fact that we could wash our clothes and hang it out to dry in an open area on the second floor. This came out really handy as we had an infant with us and some pieces of clothing had to be washed immediately sometimes.

The staff are really, really nice too because I once lost my daughter’s towel to the wind and I found it hanging back on the line the next day.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to stay in Basco and be in close proximity to stores and places to eat.

I actually feel very fortunate that we stayed at this place instead of Pension Ivatan as it is so much closer to Novita House, which we booked first and where my mom and her 4 other friends were staying. Since we were a group of 12, we wanted a house where we could cook and that was primarily why we booked Novita House. Novita House can only accommodate up to 6 people so we had to find accommodations for the rest of the group.

I booked Novita House first and then asked Ate Remy, the caretaker and also our tour guide, to recommend other accommodations that were close enough to Novita House. I had wanted another house too and she recommended Pension Ivatan’s Kayvaluganan Hometel. When communications with (the very offensive) Pension Ivatan went awry and led to an angry phone call to my landline wherein I was berated for MY professionalism, I was lucky enough to have had DDD Habitat to turn to.

DDD Habitat, Inc. is a great place to stay. The building and the rooms are new. The staff is really nice. The rooms are spacious. The food is great. There are common areas and a roofdeck to hang out at. There is free wi-fi and mineral water! They also have package tours. Most of all, it is close to stores and other points of interest. Sure, it is not by the beach, but you wouldn’t really want to be swimming in Batanes. 🙂

DDD Habitat, Inc.
Lopes St. Brgy. Kayvaluganan, Basco, Batanes
For inquiries get in touch with Noemi S. Cruz at (02)6819085/ (02) 6473534
GLOBE +639065177580; SMART +639084641319 / +639098770044