It has always been my mother’s dream to go to Batanes, so when SEAIR tickets went on sale, I immediately booked her one. My mother almost always never travels alone though. I have organized her trips to Coron and El Nido on separate occasions and she had me making travel arrangements for never less than five people. So on this trip to Batanes, I booked her a ticket, as well as her eight other friends.

On that note, we needed a house. I got them an entire house in El Nido and they liked that. They liked the fact that they could cook their own meals to save money. They have so much fun going to the market and cooking.

Novita House gate and porch, photo from the Novita House website

Novita House porch, photo taken from the Novita House website

On this trip to Batanes, I went through Ferdz Decena’s post about accommodations looking for hometels. Novita House has a website and a lot of contact numbers – and I liked that. I was immediately able to get in touch with them and was able to make reservations. It was very quick and very convenient. There was no required downpayment either. I was given the number of Novita House’s caretaker, Ate Remy, who turned out to be a tour guide as well. That solved a lot of my problems on the spot.

The amenities and limitations of the place were explained to me so it was decided that 5 people, out of our group of 12.5, will stay in Novita House and we would just go over to eat.

Novita House – your home stay accommodation while in Batanes. It can accommodate 6 – 8 people. Good value for that family or barkadahan nature trip.

Novita House has a masters bedroom with AC, 2 double beds separated by partitions, 2 extra mattresses for groups in excess of 6. 2 T & B with heater and a shower room, living room with Cable TV, dining room with dining table for 6, kitchen with refrigerator and complete set of utensils for cooking and dining, patio with a coffee table for two.

Novita House can be found at the corner of Abad St., where most of the stores in Basco are, and Abuyo St.

Novita House, Basco, Batanes

It actually only has one bedroom with air-conditioning but it has 3 double beds and a lot of extra mattresses so it can house up to 8 people.

Novita House, Basco, Batanes

This is the door going to the master's bedroom. Right next to it is a double bed, on the lower right in the photo.

The other bed can be found right outside the main bedroom, in the walled area between the living room and the dining area.

The other bed can be found in the living room, separated by a wooden divider from the living room set and television.

Novita House, Basco, Batanes

The living room. Behind the divider is another double bed.

Novita House, Basco, Batanes

The living room. Behind the wall is the other double bed and the door going to the master's bedroom.

The house is relatively spacious. It has a big kitchen and dining area.

Novita House, Basco, Batanes

Novita House, Basco, Batanes

The house is equipped with a refrigerator, cooking and dining implements, little kitchen appliances, electric fans and cable tv. It’s actually a great place. And for P1,500 per night makes it such a steal! (That’s considering that an air-conditioned room some place else can cost one P800 to 1,800 per night).

Novita House, Basco, Batanes

Novita House has its own transportation and tour guide too so you can get an entire package right there: accommodations+airport transfers+tours. And you can even hire someone to cook your meals for you right there in Novita House.

The living room bed, photo taken from the Novita House website

I booked Novita House independently, without having consulted anyone, only to find out in the end that it was really where we were supposed to stay had we been able to make it to Batanes for that Travel Factor trip back in October 2008. The Travel Factor friends also had Ate Remy as their tour guide!

The master's bedroom with a/c, photo taken from the Novita House website

I would definitely recommend this place to big groups, though it wouldn’t be bad either for two or three people. There is enough bed space. It’s right in the middle of town, walking distance from anything one might need, from little sari-sari stores to souvenir shops, wet market, fruit stands, barbecue stands, restaurants, bars, the National Road and even the airport. It’s also a street away from DDD Habitat Inc. located along Lopez St.

The place is very affordable and Ate Remy is such a darling. Our trip to Batanes was made so much easier and simpler just because we booked Novita House.

Visit the Novita House website by clicking here.

You may text Ate Remy for tour services: Remy Santos – 0928-239-7629 or 0927-412-1031