There aren’t a lot of places to eat in Basco. Some of the places listed in some travel blogs do not even exist anymore. While we were there, we had someone cook food for us at Novita House. In our six days and five nights in Batanes, we did manage to find places to hang out at.

1. Lunchbox Restaurant

Though we were informed the Lunchbox Restaurant is independent of DDD Habitat, they do share the same building. Food here is good enough for its price. Be prepared to wait though.

DDD Habitat Inc.

2. Shanedel’s Inn & Café

When we went here to eat the first ime, we were told the place was closed because eating here is by appointment. The second time we went there, we were informed the cook was on leave. It must be because September is considered low-season. This may be a good place to eat if and when it is open since the restaurant has a nice ambience and there is a pretty good view.

Shanedel's Inn & Cafe, Basco, Batanes

3. Hiro’s Cafe

We found ourselves at this café three times when we were there. First, we hung out here drinking beer and coffee on our first night in Batanes. The food is good for its price. The place is owned by the same owners of Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant.

Hiro's Cafe, Basco, Batanes

We found ourselves here for the second time for lunch after we went to Brandon’s Restaurant and Shanedel’s Café and found both establishments closed. Hiro’s Café can be found along Abad St. On our second to the last night in Batanes, we hung out here for an hour or so just watching cable tv.. and old episode of Glee and an old episode of America’s Next Top Model. We were that bored.

Hiro's Cafe, Basco, Batanes

4. Fratz Café

Another café/restaurant located along Abad St, a few meters away from Hiro’s Café. Though we didn’t get to eat here at all, this would be a nice place to try if you find yourself in Batanes.

Fratz Cafe, Basco, Batanes

5. Batanes Resort Restaurant

They have really, really good food at P200 for a set meal. Though the resort is a long way out of town, we would make our way all the way just to eat. The food there was that good. I loved eating and hanging out at this place. (Click here to view separate post on eating at Batanes Resort)

Batanes Resort, Batan Island

6. North Spirit Café

We found this place as we were walking along National Road. It is right across the town plaza, near the Capitol and the Basco Cathedral. It is only open at night though as it is more like a bar than a café or a restaurant.

North Spirit Cafe, Basco, Batanes

The building is still unfinished as they are in the middle of building a lodge on the second floor as well as a computer shop right next to the café.

North Spirit Cafe, Basco, Batanes

North Spirit Cafe, Basco, Batanes

We loved hanging out at this place because the food is good and, most importantly, lo and behold, the drinks are sooo cheap!

North Spirit Cafe, Basco, Batanes

I love Bailey’s. It’s the first thing I order whenever I am at a bar. It’s actually the only thing I order if it’s available. (If it’s not, then I settle for a Mai Tai, a Piña colada or an Amaretto Sour). I’ve been to lots of other places in the Philippines and only in here did I find Bailey’s being sold at P60/shot. Amazzzzzing.

North Spirit Cafe, Basco, Batanes

North Spirit Cafe, Basco, Batanes

On our second night at this place, I ordered two shots of Bailey’s and mixed it with Creme de Menthe. Loved that mix!

The locals also like hanging out at this place to drink, watch TV and sing videoke.

North Spirit Cafe, Basco, Batanes