At long last, I am done with all the photos and all the posts. It is time for a summary. This is basically for anyone who wants to go to Batanes and is wondering where to stay, where to eat, what to do and see, and how much will it actually cost. Here is our itinerary and expenses incurred in our 6D/5N stay in Batanes.


Sept 27, 2010 (Day 1)
– arrival at the Basco Airport at 7:30 AM, picked up at the airport by the Novita House van and our tour guide, Ate Remy Santos
– rest and exploration of Abad and nearby streets
– Lunch at Novita House
– pick up at 1:00 pm for our half-day tour of the Northern part of Batan Island

Sept. 28, 2010 (Day 2)
– pull out at Novita House at 6:00 AM (we were a big group and we actually pulled out at 7:00 AM)
– arrive at Radiwan port in Ivana at 7:20AM
– arrive at San Vicente port in Sabtang Island at 7:45 AM
– whole day tour of Sabtang Island
– back in Basco by 4:30 PM

Sept. 29, 2010 (Day 3)

Sept. 30, 2010 (Day 4)
– Pull out at 7:00 AM at Novita House
– whole day tour of the Southern Part of Batan Island
– back in Basco by 4:00 PM
– biking around Basco and half-way to Mahatao and dinner at Batanes Resort

October 1, 2010 (Day 5)
– biking all the way to Mahatao Boat Safety and Fish Port and then around Basco
– some of the group went to Fundacion Pacita

October 2, 2010 (Day 6)
– leave for airport at 6:30 AM
– flight back to Manila at 8:00 AM


Northern Tour of Batan Island
– Tukon Chapel
– Tukon Radar Station
– Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel
– Valugan Boulder Beach
– Vayang Ranch (Rolling Hills)
– Naidi Hills (Old Settlement and Basco Lighthouse)

Sabtang Island
– Savidug Vernacular Houses
– Traditional Lime Kilns/Lime Beach
– Chamantad-Tinyan Sitio views
– Chavayan Community (UNESCO Nominated site)
– Lunch by the port
– Nakabuang Beach and Nakabuang Arch

Southern Tour of Batan Island
Mahatao Town Tour and the San Carlos de Borromeo Church
Ivana Town Tour: Old Spanish Bridge, House of Dakay, San Jose Obrero Church, Radiwan Port, Honesty Coffee Shop
Uyugan Tour: Song-song Ruins and LORAN Station Ruins
Other places in Mahatao: Chawa View Deck, Marlboro Country, Diura Village & Mananoy Bay, Spring of Youth


SEAIR RT tickets to Batanes (bought during the Independence Day Sale): P2,400 + travel insurance

5N at DDD Habitat Inc.: P6,000

Northern Tour of Batan Island
– van for 12.5 people: P1,000
– tour guide: P600

Sabtang Island Tour
– van from Basco to Radiwan Port in Ivana RT: P600
– faluwa from Batan to Sabtang RT: P100
– jeepney in Sabtang: P1500
– tour guide: P1,200
– catered lunch by the port: P300/pax

Southern Tour of Batan Island
– van for 13.5 people: P2,000
– tour guide: P800
– catered lunch at Marlboro Country: P300/pax


– bike rental for a total of 8 hrs at P25/hr: P200
– Batanes Resort lunch and dinner, with desserts & drinks for 2pax: P1000
– Hiro’s Cafe lunch for 2pax: P300
– Novita House food for 5 days for 2pax: P1000
– Lunchbox Restaurant Meals (1 breakfast, 2 dinners) for 2pax: P430
– North Spirit Cafe drinks and food: P420
– airport terminal fees: P440
– taxis to airport and back: P800
– other expenses (supplies, etc.): P800

Since we were a big group, each of us spent about P1,500 for all the tours (transportation, guide, lunch and tips) included.

All in all, my little family (H, Lia and me) spent about P20,000 for the entire 6D/5N trip, everything, from airplane tickets, taxes, food, accommodations, tips, tours and supplies, included. It was a deal! 🙂

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