I just remembered, as we were in the car, headed out to the Cultural Center of the Philippines for H’s surprise, which turned out to be a performance of the Philippine Madrigal Singers with the special participation of the instrument ensembles from the Philippine Montessori Center and Temple Hill International School with PMCIE ’09 NY Tour Group, where we were exactly the same day last year.

We were at JMa and Nick’s joint birthday party at the now-non-existent 9 Mile Bar in Kalayaan Avenue. Unlike this year when I turned up with an all black ensemble, befitting of a patron-of-the-arts (according to Nick) hobnobbing with the elite members of the Manila society and the vice-president himself (eventually to end up in Cubao X for the Meiday event), I was in a flimsy little ecru dress in powdery blue wings, in my best attempt to be in costume-but-not-really so.

With the birthday girl, Janice and Ktin, who is now in U.K.

With Dax and Eshei — guys you weren’t that big then as you are NOW!

Demons and Fairies

And so I had red nails… so what?! 😉

That dinner at that Greek resto did not really go well, ya?

And last but not the least, this has got to be my favorite photo of the night.

So, anyway, we were watching the kids ages 4-6 perform and they were sooo cute. I had sniffles galore. It made me want to enroll my own daughter in their school, just so she can bang on stuff. And what do you know, surprise!!! Temple Hill International School is in the next village! Soooo funnnnnn!