Ceres Bus from Bacolod to Sipalay

157 kms and 3.5 hrs away by an ordinary Ceres bus, the quiet little town of Cauayan is home to the still developing serene second-class resort called Punta Bulata.

On the way to Punta Bulata

Coming from the main highway, you get off at a seemingly random point of the trip where there are a few stores and a cluster of tricycles. For a hundred pesos, a tricycle will take you through 2.5 km of winding and beaten dirt track to the isolated resort. Upon entrance, you will be asked if you booked ahead (which is a must!) at the hotel side or the cabanas side. We were booked at one of only two cabanas which were priced at P1800 per night.

Cabana 1

Although both sides are only separated by a few steps up the elevation which housed the hotel and the infinity pool, the cabanas side had its own restaurant and a cluster of huts that looked like activity areas.

The Infinity Pool

The Hotel

More of the hotel with a portion of the infinity hotel which is right in front of it

More of the infinity pool

The sliding doors of the hotel rooms

The hallway of the hotel

More of the hotel & garden in front

The top of the hotel building viewed from by the side of the pool

The villa

Ryan told me tents were available for booking, which were cheaper, but had portalets for bathrooms and he knew this was a major no-no for me.

The cabanas reminded us of our own Samal house in Pearl Farm Resort Davao, though a little inferior in terms of everything: materials and amenities, but still nice in its own right.

The bedside table & lamp

The woven floor mat

Wall decor

The door handle

The pathway from the cabanas to the restaurant

The restaurant had limited menu but the dishes were surprisingly delicious albeit pricey compared with Manila standards and worth the wait.

The resto

An arroz a cabana (sautéed spaghetti sauce, fried bananas and a sunny side-up on top of rice) was priced at P180 and Pork with garlic and mushroom and rice at P160.

During our first meal, we had to wait almost an hour before the meals were served even if we were the sole occupants of the resort at that time. Perhaps this or this did not work to our advantage; having the staff all to ourselves devoted to serving us or the staff were sluggish because they did not have anything else to do afterwards.

Waiting (im)patiently for dinner

The restaurant and the cabanas were airy and made of light, native materials; enhanced by a decorative style that was both refreshing and charming décor.

Bamboo bench in resto

Vase and sungka on table in resto

The bench affords a view of the beach and the garden

Native periwinkle

The beach front were dotted by sets of chairs and a table around an umbrella which I imagined, during peak season were filled with boisterous groups of family and barkada. For this night however, there would only be the dead silence of the night echoed by the roar of the crashing waves and a pristine darkness.

At dusk

We arrived in Bacolod from a five in the morning flight, an hour or so of breakfast, some 4 hours of bus travel and found ourselves at the resort at twelve noon with the tide slowly starting to recede.

a house like this

Seen from the window of the bus on the ride to/fro Cauayan

The receding tide revealed pristine white sand that was perfect for swimming; but I am a person who goes to the beach not to swim. We spent two hours at lunch and taking our initial pictures and retired to sleep for the afternoon.

The beach in front of Punta Bulata

I woke up at five while the sun was about to set and robbed myself of an opportunity to shoot in the beautiful 3-5 pm quality of light. Ryan did not take as much time as I did sleeping so he was able to shoot more pictures that afternoon. I contented myself with a shot of one of the restaurant lamps, an early dinner at past six and worked myself to death making report handouts until midnight.

Lamp at the resto

I had hoped they would turn on some of the lights in the resort and I could do some night photography with the tripod that was missing last time we were in Bagac, Bataan, but that night, the only light in the resort was the one from our cabana and a string of capiz shell lamps hung about a single tree – a sight that was all too lonely to see.

I am not a morning person so I woke up for brunch and had wonderful cheese omelet. I spent some thirty minutes taking my final pictures of the resort and we packed our bags.

high tide in the morning

High tide in the morning.. the beach in front of the resort

Table decor in one of the huts

The stools in the hut

Decor on one of the posts of the hut

Loungers by the beach, down by the poolside

Coconut tree trunk stumps by the beach

The high tide I woke up to had begun to recede again, making it possible for us to take some couple pictures on the beach (although it eventually led to us accidentally dropping my Olympus on the sand and causing us the loss of my wide angle lens *teary*).

Proof of presence

We were back by the roadside prepared to wait for the bus to Bacolod with a cup of coffee and bottled Coke for Ryan by noon.

Having a coke by the little store by the side of the road

They have a website which you can check out for yourself by the way.

Punta Bulata signage

Written September 25, 2007

Originally posted here.



Nestled 154 kilometers south of Bacolod City lies one of Negros Island’s best-kept secrets. Punta Bulata White Beach Resort and Spa is a tropical hidden paradise that truly reflects the laid back lifestyle of the opulent sugar barons of Negros Island. Enjoy one whole kilometer stretch of white sand beach in privacy and exclusivity as you spend quality time with your friends and family.

From native Filipino nipa-hut cottages to luxurious spa rooms, guests at Punta Bulata Resort are able to choose from a wide variety of accommodations that are all just a few steps away from the beach. Step into Capiz-shell doors and garden bathrooms, take in the fresh ocean breeze, and wake to the call of orioles at The Ayu Spa at Punta Bulata, where twelve unique spa guest rooms await the weary traveler in search of a comforting temple of relaxation.

Punta Bulata Resort is known to have one of the finest and whitest beaches in Negros Island, comparable to those of the popular island destinations of Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, and Palawan, and its waters are teeming with marine and coral life. A mere 10-minute boat ride from Punta Bulata Resort, Danjugan Island Marine and Wildlife Reserve is a small island surrounded by coral reefs as diverse as the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Aside from having some of the best diving sites in the Philippines, day trips to Danjugan Island also allow you to enjoy several other outdoor adventures and activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, trekking, and bird-watching.

Punta Bulata Bacolod Booking Office
(9am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-12nn Sat)
Tel. +63 34 4335160

Punta Bulata Front Office
(7am- 11pm Mon-Sun)
Tel. +63 34 4730235
Mobile +63 920 9003558