In the morning, I love the feel of sunlight on my closed eyes as water flows down my head.
Sunlight warm on my closed eyes, cool water down my back.
The sound of water cascading down my body.
Of water hitting the tile floors and splashing my toes…

In the morning I love the sight of my skin,
rectangular orange patterns visible in the semi-darkness of the washroom.

Faint orange sunlight coming in through the wooden splats of the small rectangular window just above.

Semi-blinding orange light peeking through green leaves, glimmering against the grayness of the sky.

Water coming down. Cool and welcoming. Not cold but cool.
Nothing like a bath in the right time of the morning.
What a way to go about starting the day.

Not smoking black coffee.
Not scrambled eggs and fried rice.
Not bread and butter or the day’s newspapers on the table –
but a cool semi-shower from the tabo in my hand that I hold right above my head in the semi-darkness of a washroom where warm orange sunlight shines in through the wooden splats of a rectangular window set high on the east wall.

Written August 16, 2005


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