We didn’t even have our own camera. We just borrowed my brother’s girlfriend’s point-and-shoot and my sister and I took turns with it. I remember going out one morning to the nearby park to take photos, only to have the camera’s battery die out after thirty minutes of walk from the flat and four lousy shots.

Anyway, here are, I suppose, my very first travel photos. These were taken by a Casio exilim.

At the Ocean Park

The first spot that we went to was the Ocean Park. The Hong Kong Disneyland did not exist then, but there were already plans and everyone knew about it. The Ocean Park entrance fee then was increased in anticipation of the losses they will incur once Disneyland is operational. I’m wondering if people still go there these days, or if the entrance fee is lower. I suppose we will find out, ya?

Lamma Island sunset

My cousin’s wife’s family lived in Lamma Island. We took a ferry and went there for a visit.

Lamma Island seaside restaurants

Their house was a few steps from the beach. We ate a lot of good food, had drinks, did some videoke. It was really fun.

I remember we also went to my cousin’s friends’ house and had a simple Christmas party.

Lamma Island beachfront

It was our last day in Hong Kong. I had wanted to go back to this park I saw a few days back to take photos. I woke up early and took the camera with me. I walked in the direction of the park, and passed by St. John’s Cathedral. I had liked the singing so I went inside. I thought it was a Roman Catholic Church. It had been a  Sunday and there was a mass. But the fact that someone invited me in and gave me a hymn book, and talked to me for a bit gave me the feeling that it was not.

Maybe I become Anglican one of these days.. 😉

St. John's Cathedral, Central, Hong Kong