My sister and my niece celebrate their birthdays one day after the other during the month of November so we thought we’d go somewhere and spend some time together. My eldest sister’s family car picked us up – just Lia and I, at our house Saturday morning, for the short drive to Subic. We met up with my other sister and her family in Pure Gold Duty Free to buy some food, drinks and whatever we might need before finally driving to the resort – The Cliff Royale.

Cousins, Trellia, Sean and Marielle

The kids ages 5, 3 and 1, do not get along well all the time. My daughter loves teasing her cousins with little things. It was really funny to see them interact with each other.

My sun-loving, beach-bumming, island-hopping, water addict daughter is now brown as brown can get. The only parts of her that still has her real skin color are that part where the forearm and arm meet and her eyelids. Other than that, she is all burned crisp (oh my!)

My camera-loving lil girl with cousins Marielle and Sean

The kids watching Dora the Explorer on the laptop

 For comparison, these were the kids last Christmas

Though the resort has its own pocket beach in front of it that is accessible by going down a little bit of winding path and stairs, it also has its own pool.

Sean, Tutu the little lamb, and Lia hanging out on the swing

This look told me she wanted Mama to come join in the fun and the swim. This look told me I would not be holding the camera for long.

Taking it away 🙂

Catch! Sean with his Daddy

Marielle swimming with her Ate Ana. What a lovely smile!

The kids had fun swimming in the pool and the beach, as well as making sand castles and just enjoying their first ever trip out together. It was really fun.

Yel building sand castles

Sean building sand castles with Yel

Tiring for the single mother that I was but definitely, always, worth it. It was great to be with my sisters because we don’t get to hang out much and moments like this are precious.

Sisters with Lia the nekkid behbeh

***Photos taken by my brothers and sisters and me.