I went to… wait for it, my Friendster account, and saw a lot of photos there that had me going through my old folders and files, looking at photos. I love looking at my photos from the year that I spent living in El Nido. It was the happiest times in my life, I suppose. Life was simple. We went to work everyday, went out island hopping, taraw-climbing, trekking to waterfalls, visiting inner baranggays on weekends. Work was light, so we had time to go out at night to hang out at Balay Tubay Bistro and have long talks over coffee at restaurants by the beach, read books and watch movies we had not time to read and watch. We ate six times a day! I was, I suppose, at my best there. Weight-wise at least. 😉

On our way to diving and snorkeling at Twin Rocks

On our way to Miniloc Island Resort

Sitting next to Ian Halili, brother to Katrina Halili, the actress

The faculty of Potter’s Place Elementary School after the Recognition ceremonies

The Faculty

Hanging out with Eric and Derick at Lugadya one Saturday afternoon


Night picnic at the beachfront with housemates/co-teachers and friends

Hanging out at Balay Tubay, Halloween Party

Buffet lunch at Lagen Island Resort

Enjoying the sun and purest white sand of Entalula Island

The house where we lived. Badminton in the afternoons in the street.

On my way back to Manila in April of 2006, instead of flying out directly out of the Lio Airport via ITI, I took the bus going to Puerto Princesa and dropped by Casa Rosa in Taytay, then-owned by the Blasselle family, whose three kids were then my students.

With the then-8 yr old Fanny at their home in Casa Rosa. She was my 2nd grade student.

And finally a photo at Ka Lui in Puerto Princesa, my all-time favorite restaurant in that city.

At Ka Lui Restaurant, Puerto Princesa