At the Cosmo Hotel lobby, Wan Chai, HK 2010

We arrived Tuesday morning and slept through the better part of the day. We did manage to get in touch with H so we spent the night at his hotel in Wan Chai, The Cosmopolitan Hotel. We had an early dinner with my cousins then went to the hotel to put Lia to bed. Afterwards, we went to the nearby night market to have a look-see and ended up having hot noodles in this open air restaurant right smack in the middle of the street.

On the street of HK, HK 2010

I may not be a fan of Japanese food but I absolutely love Chinese food. This was the best noodles I have had in… seven years! Haha!

Eating noodles on the street at an open night market, Wanchai, HK 2010

The next morning found us again on the ferry from Central to Mui Wo so we can drop off our things at my cousin’s house.

Ferry to Mui Wo, Lantau Island, HK 2010

H went back to Central for his meetings and conference while Lia took a nap – and I had some really nice bonding time with my cousin over coffee. Afternoon found us walking around Tai O, then taking the MTR to Central to meet up with H. Then off we went to Causeway to have a taste of what Causeway is all about – more people and more food! Never mind the shops. 😉

Lia in Causeway, HK 2010

Lia had loved my little strappy dress and had insisted on having one strap over her head as well.

Then we were on the ferry back to Mui Wo to spend our last night in HK. We were off to Mong Kok the next day, but not after we took photos of ourselves around Mui Wo and had lunch at the Cooked Food Market by the pier.

Lia and her Mama, Mui Wo, HK 2010

This above photo is my favorite photo of Lia and I in Hong Kong since she had picked that place where we posed.

The photo below is a product of Lia learning how to say, “Picture, picture!” while we were in Hong Kong. That, along with “Let’s go!”

Lia and her Mama, Mui Wo, HK 2010

We took the Star Ferry going from Central to Kowloon, went around Mong Kok, where we tried to shop to no avail. Lia was a disgruntled shopper. She didn’t like anything – though we did get her a yellow sweater since she needed it.

Then we were back at the Central Star Ferry pier to just hang out for a bit.

Lia and her Mama in Central Star Ferry Pier, Kowloon, HK 2010

Lia and her Mama in Central Star Ferry Pier, Kowloon, HK 2010

Between Lia and me, we had one stroller, one big luggage and a carry-on backpack for her bottles, milk, diapers and my camera, among other important things. Our luggage had more bottles, diapers, milk, medicine, clothes – and there was no room for an extra pair of footwear for either Lia or me. So, there goes the traveling mommy – who brings only one pair of shoes, which is exactly the one she had on when she left her house.