I have always been a fan of messenger bags. I live and breathe messenger bags. These days though, my messenger bags are either too small or too soft to carry the one thing I almost never go around without – my laptop. I’ve always been a fan of huge bags – one that can carry the myriad of little things that I tend to carry around with me. The more pockets, the better. More pockets mean more organization. I like to keep organization even in the middle of the chaos that only a take-everything-with-me-wherever-I-go attitude can lead to. If the bag is waterproof or even semi-waterproof all the better!

I have been looking for a laptop bag at Multiply online stores. I do have a Crumpler laptop bag now that my friend gave me as a birthday present but with its traveler beach-bum look, sometimes it just doesn’t go along with my mood or my look for the day. I have been looking for a more formal laptop bag. That is how I found myself doing a search on Multiply, and stumbling upon Tough Brat bags – and instantly falling in love. I wanted to get one of each style, to go along with each probable mood I will find myself in.

The Associate Bag for that casual look in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.

The Fred laptop tote-sling bag, preferably in pink or bright yellow, for when I feel like being a little bit more girly, going out on Sunday stroll with girlfriends at a mall perhaps, in flats, a skirt and a flowered, frilly top.

The Traveler bag for that impromptu trip to a white beach in some far-flung island or nearby La Union for a surfing weekend, in slippers, shorts and a tank top.

The Specialist (preferably in navy blue) for that meeting with the boss at some coffee shop in the afternoon, or a lunch out in Chocolate Kiss – papers, notebook, pens, all stowed away in their proper places for easy access for when flustered. (I’m so formal, just look at my bag, even when really I am not prepared for this meeting!)

The horizontally-oriented Analyst bag for that go-anywhere day, when you never know whether you will find yourself just hanging out at your friends’ house watching The Walking Dead in their couch, or in Cubao X’s Mogwai, ice cold beers over conversations about films, indie or not, the local music scene if not the local showbiz industry. I’m a little bit of an artsy-type! your bag shouts out loud.

But since I could not possibly afford to buy every single one of the styles, even if I wanted to, I had to settle for just one – the one that can best embody all the possible moods I can come up with, take wherever, in whatever choice of footwear or clothing I may be in. Something that will never ever look out of place, no matter what. Even at the beach – The Officer, in bright red or black or navy blue!

A classic look that can go along with any mood. Just add accents. A silk scarf for a more formal feminine look. A clip on flower for that all-around-girly-girl mood. A string of beads and little seashells on the metal rings for that trip to the beach. It’s easy to clean, just wipe off the dust, grime and sand and you’re good to go again. It has a front pocket for all those little things that you want to have easy access to, like your coin purse, lip balm, cell phone, iPod and earphones. It has a zipped pocket in front for your little notebook, important papers (like ID and airline ticket if you’re flying) or receipts (for reimbursements and maybe, just basic accounting.) The Tough Brat Officer messenger bag is just the messenger bag and laptop bag I have been looking for.

If I don’t win one, I’ll just go ahead and buy myself one. I had been wanting a Tough Brat bag a long time and even if there wasn’t this promo on blogging to win a bag, I would’ve still blogged about it. As I always say, support local. We have a lot of local products that we can all be proud of. So much craftsmanship and creativity in the Filipino that it deserves to be supported, blogged about, announced to the world. Be Pinoy, be proud!

Visit their online store to view the Tough Brat products. You may also add them up on Multiply, follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.