We had an impromptu photo session in White Island, more than fun, it was really funny!


Photo by Ver Escalamado


Photo by Jeff


Photo by Jeff

I had loved doing those back views! *laughs*

Photo by Don Manganar

Photo by Jeff

And this photo used to be the header image in my old theme back in 2009. A cropped version of course. 😛

But we also did some front views…


Photo by Don Manganar


Photo by Ver Escalamado

And even side views… there were a lot of photos. If you want to view all of them, click here to view all the photos on Multiply or here to view the photos on Facebook.

I was a pretty pregnant lady I guess. I had loved being pregnant. Well, so much so that…. that… that… um… maybe, maybe soon again? 😛

Here are some group photos as well!


Waiting for the boats that would take us to Mantigue Island


Group shot in White Island

The photos were taken by H, Jeff, Don, Ver, and Maya. Thanks guys!