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March 2011

Travel Factor’s Super Stoked Weekend! April 15-17, 2011

Travel Factor By March 31, 2011 Tags: , , 2 Comments

How can I not love Travel Factor? How can I not love my friends? They go out of their way to go to my bar in Naga City. This was originally just a Calaguas-Bagasbas trip, but since I now have a bar in Naga City and on the 15th, I have an event, Razorback at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe, they are coming to Naga! Oh-some!!!!

Camarines Super Stoked Weekend (April 15-17, 2011)
Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur

From the evil, evil labs of Travel Factor’s research and development department comes its newest creation, the Camarines Super Stoked Weekend!

Wake up to wakeboard in Camsur or just literally bounce around in CWC’s waterpark. Eat your way through Naga’s fiery cuisine and maybe even cap a night off with a rocking performance at Wharf Galley, a home-grown rock cafe. Head on to sublime Calaguas for some ultimate beach bumming and then finally, sail on to Bagasbas for some pounding surf. Prepare for some serious stoke.

Pain killers not included.



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Today is my parents’ 37th wedding anniversary. My mom is perpetually, notoriously late at everything. I always heard her tell people “I am on my way” when in fact she was just on the way to the bathroom to take a bath, and it takes her an hour to get dressed too. My dad says in all their years together, my mom was only early twice: on their wedding day …and to heaven.


March 30, 1974

My dad has some sense of humor. We miss you Ma. Wherever you are now, there is no more pain… We love you.


Wharf Galley Rock Cafe Websites – A Log

Design, Technology, Wharf Galley Rock Cafe By March 28, 2011 Tags: , , No Comments

So, this is just my way of saying why I did not make it to B-Side last night – I was busy making websites. The sites are up but they are all in beta. What’s important is they are up. I stayed up all night last night, had a few hours of sleep this morning, have not had my morning coffee, had not showered, had not eaten, but well… at least I can now say I’m (almost) done. And I am proud of what I have done too, with my limited time and knowledge and design skills. *stucks tongue out at ya*

You may now follow Wharf Galley on Twitter for updates on performances and other events.

You may also email the admin (which is just actually me, at least for now) any concerns, suggestions, inquiries at

I had initially considered making a separate YouTube account for Wharf but since I already made a dedicated video page, I will keep uploading videos of performances on my own account at angkuletdotcom.

Screen shot 2011-03-28 at 1.47.19 PM


Agos Pilipinas Barabags!

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I first caught a glimpse of the Barabags at the Agos Pilipinas booth at the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010 last November. I saw them, asked about them but didn’t really think about how useful they were — until I saw a photo of it with fins inside! I love my fins. I got them from El Nido Resorts in 2005 and have been toting it with me everywhere since. It came with a plastic bag but it’s been years and the bag has long since been ripped in all its travels. I was in search of a bag for my beloved fins and the Barabags came in just at the right time!

Except that when I realized it, the stocks, or more like the color I wanted, which was black of course, had long been sold out.

So when I saw the Agos Pilipinas tweet about the Barabags for Summer, I wasted no time in ordering and paying! I just had to get one this time! Well, especially this time that I’m flying and zipping around the country and the world at odd schedules (bara-barang lakad talaga!)

Barabags para sa mas bara-barang lakad!

How can I resist these? They look absolutely adorable!