I first caught a glimpse of the Barabags at the Agos Pilipinas booth at the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010 last November. I saw them, asked about them but didn’t really think about how useful they were — until I saw a photo of it with fins inside! I love my fins. I got them from El Nido Resorts in 2005 and have been toting it with me everywhere since. It came with a plastic bag but it’s been years and the bag has long since been ripped in all its travels. I was in search of a bag for my beloved fins and the Barabags came in just at the right time!

Except that when I realized it, the stocks, or more like the color I wanted, which was black of course, had long been sold out.

So when I saw the Agos Pilipinas tweet about the Barabags for Summer, I wasted no time in ordering and paying! I just had to get one this time! Well, especially this time that I’m flying and zipping around the country and the world at odd schedules (bara-barang lakad talaga!)

Barabags para sa mas bara-barang lakad!

How can I resist these? They look absolutely adorable!

And I just had to get the Alaminos Barabag…. black with bright pink zippers and blue pullers! Just the right contrast! I love contrast. And even more, how can I resist this when the photo shows a pair of fins almost exactly like mine? In the same color too, lime green (or is that yellow?) LOL.

When I told H I was getting one and gave him the link to show him what I’m getting, he told me, “Oh wow! I want one too!”

We ordered the Alaminos and the Jaen Barabags by sending a text message and a private message via Facebook, got the payment details, paid P1,850 for the two bags and shipping by making an over-the-counter deposit at the BDO branch right outside our village gate the next morning and the bags were on their way to our place that very same afternoon.

The Barabags sell like hot cakes! So if you want one, better grab one now before they’re all sold out! Here’s an idea of the dimensions, in case you are wondering.

Yesterday in the afternoon, the package arrived via Xend, inside were our fantabulous Barabags for our various bara-barang lakads. Now, my fins, snorkel and mask are having a great time inside my very new and funky bag and waiting for my next trip to Donsol or wherever there is snorkeling. For all we know, we might even make it to Guam by July. *crosses fingers* Wish me and my Barabag the best of luck! Thanks Agos Pilipinas! Cheers!

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