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April 2011

My Naga Find of the Day – Stonehouse Gardens Resort

Camarines Sur By April 30, 2011 Tags: , , , , , , 1 Comment

As I was looking through Jino Celebrado of Gouldian Photography‘s Facebook wall, I saw this post:

Actually, the first thing I thought about was my mom and how we’re gonna celebrate this day still with her… and then I remembered, it’s also my sister Jasmin and my brother Carmelo’s wedding anniversaries…. and then lastly, I remembered that I’m also a mom and it’s also my day….

So anyway, I went to their website and boom, there I am, in love with a place I have not been to just yet. I guess, Gilbert Fernandez, I am not going to your summer pool party slash Pacquaio-Mosley fight at Ramashinta Resort and Spa. (Final na! :P)

The Travel Factor Food Trip Bicol is still in the works and I am figuring out a way on how to include this place in the itinerary, but I guess I have to do an ocular of it myself first. Do watch out for my blog on this place when I finally have. It reminds me of Eden Nature Park in Davao, and I have this feeling that it might actually be better. I guess we will just have to see for ourselves and find out.

Stonehouse Gardens Resort wait for meeee! 😉

Check out the resort’s Facebook page as well.


Official Entries to the Virgin Labfest Year 7!

Theater By April 27, 2011 Tags: , , , No Comments

How fast time passes, it seems like its only been a month since I bought my Nikon D90 body so I can document the Virgin Labfest 6, and yet it’s now time for Virgin Labfest 7. Soon enough I have to be back in Manila to work full time for Teatro Pilipinas yet again. (This serves as a reminder that the website should be up by end of this month, which is basically in a few days time… oops!)

Rody Vera has released earlier this afternoon the list of the official entries to the Virgin Labfest 7. Soon, playwrights will be looking for directors and staff and then directors and playwrights will be looking for actors, then rehearsals will begin… and by June, bloggers will be writing nonstop about the plays. And I hope this year I or my blog will not make such a fuss.

Anyway, these are the official entries to the Virgin Labfest 7. Congratulations and best of luck to everyone! We are all excited for what everyone will come up with, whatever it is, I’m sure it will be a showcase of talent, as it always has been.

Nine new One Act Plays and One Full -Length Play.

These are the Virgin entries to the 7th Virgin Labfest – June 29-July 10


Coffeebreak Island in Naga at Wharf Galley

Camarines Sur, Music, Wharf Galley Rock Cafe By April 24, 2011 Tags: , , , , , , , , No Comments

Coffeebreak Island was scheduled to play at Wharf Galley on April 17th. When we initially planned their gig, we had no plans of moving Wharf Galley; but it turned out, the Coffeebreak Island gig in Naga was the first Wharf Galley event to be held in its new venue: Avenue Square.

CBI in Naga, photo courtesy of CBI

CBI in Naga, photo courtesy of CBI


Wharf Galley Now At Avenue Square

Camarines Sur, Wharf Galley Rock Cafe By April 23, 2011 Tags: , , , , , , No Comments

I don’t want to say it’s a new beginning. It is whatever it is. I just could not stay another day in the old venue of Wharf Galley so we tried our best to look for a new home. Avenue Square made it possible for us to be here, and so here we are. Others might not like this change, this might not be considered growth, but at least it’s no longer “One step forward, two steps back.” I said either Wharf Galley moves to a different location or it closes with me, as nobody else wanted to see to it that it goes on. More than just myself, there is the staff, who needs this more than I do. This is not a selfish move. I myself do not need this. I can just go back to my normal life in Manila and just leave all this behind, but here we are, James and I, our entire families, all the staff behind us, all the bands, and everyone who is supporting us, fighting on…


CWC with Family

Family By April 22, 2011 No Comments

The busy-ness of my provincial life has taken hold of almost all my time and energy, no time to blog, or post photos, or tweet and retweet a lot, or upload videos, or pretty much deal with anything else except be busy.

If my cousin, Rhea, from Hong Kong wasn’t visiting, I wouldn’t even be able to take some time off from “work” and spend just a few hours chilling out with family.

CWC with Family 04.22.11


Cam Sur’s North Face Ultra Race

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The North Face 100® Asia series was officially launched in 2008, posing runners the challenge of 100km ultra distance. Successful races staged in Australia, Philippines and Singapore had tested the limits of runners in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the first series of its kind in Asia Pacific region. In 2009, The North Face 100® set to start from China, at the symbolic landmark of the Great Wall. As the biggest race of The North Face 100® series, the event invited world-class endurance athletes to run in the event, while attracting over 3,000 participants. The series also takes place in Australia, Philippines, Japan and Singapore in 2009. The total participants of 2010 have increased to 8000+. Taiwan and Thailand will join this event in 2011 and total we have 7 countries to hold TNF100® across Asia.