How fast time passes, it seems like its only been a month since I bought my Nikon D90 body so I can document the Virgin Labfest 6, and yet it’s now time for Virgin Labfest 7. Soon enough I have to be back in Manila to work full time for Teatro Pilipinas yet again. (This serves as a reminder that the website should be up by end of this month, which is basically in a few days time… oops!)

Rody Vera has released earlier this afternoon the list of the official entries to the Virgin Labfest 7. Soon, playwrights will be looking for directors and staff and then directors and playwrights will be looking for actors, then rehearsals will begin… and by June, bloggers will be writing nonstop about the plays. And I hope this year I or my blog will not make such a fuss.

Anyway, these are the official entries to the Virgin Labfest 7. Congratulations and best of luck to everyone! We are all excited for what everyone will come up with, whatever it is, I’m sure it will be a showcase of talent, as it always has been.

Nine new One Act Plays and One Full -Length Play.

These are the Virgin entries to the 7th Virgin Labfest – June 29-July 10


Bawal Tumawid, Nakamamatay by Joey Paras
Kafatiran by Ricardo Novenario
Mga Lobo Tulad ng Buwan by Pat Valera
Opera by Floy Quintos
Kinaumagahan by Rachelle Rodriguez and Winnielyn Fajilan
Kawala by Rae Red
Requiem by Christian Vallez
The Valley Mission Care by Russel Legaspi
Streetlight Manifesto by Mixcaela Villalon


Isang Gabi Bago Magbukas ang Portrait of the Artist as Filipino ni Nick Joaquin by Carlo Pacolor Garcia


Chiaroscuro by Lito Casaje
Hermano Puli by Layeta Bucoy
House of Candles by Nick Pichay