There is this band that I love, for reasons I will not disclose, and it plays at Wharf Galley every other Monday this month of May, and on other days as well.

I was naturally curious so I looked up some performances of theirs on Youtube and was pleasantly surprised to find some from their performance at the 2011 U.P. Fair. Look at that, they played on the same night Top Junk and Cosmic Love did. Not to mention, Wilabaliw, Soledads and um, Franco. U.P. Repertory also did a performance that night. Too bad I didn’t make it.

So anyway, here is a performance of Alibata of Sarung Banggi at the U.P. Fair 2011.

And as I am watching these videos, I am thinking of U.P. Fair 2012…. the U.P. Harong will be holding a planning session this coming 26th and I just might have some ideas for some activities.

This is going to be one exciting year, I can just tell. 😉

They’ve even performed at 70’s Bistro. I was just there last week for a performance by Indios and for some time to relax and unwind..


For more information on the band that is Alibata, click here.