The camera was incidentally just lying around when Lia decided it was time for her daily piano practice and I was finally able take a video of her playing (or more like trying to play) the piano.

As usual, we were both not prepared for this event to be documented as we were both in our sleeping attires, me in my jammies and huge funky tshirt (both are my sisters’) and her in a knitted white little dress that’s one of her favorites, no jammies, and a full diaper to boot. (Uh-oh).

The piano, decrepit since I left for Manila and stopped playing it some fourteen years or so ago, needs a lot of work. Some keys don’t play, a lot of strings need replacement and a tune-up is direly required – nevertheless, Lia attempts to play it like she knows what it’s all about.

She even tries to fix her dress for a proper seat at the piano. It’s obvious that it frustrates her when some of the keys don’t play despite the vigorousness of her fingers.

The seat used to contain all my piano books and sheets but for the life of me, I cannot remember where they are now. I think at some point I brought it to Manila for whatever reasons that I cannot now fathom and where it is now, I can only guess (and my guess is that it’s in the old condo in Taguig). I’ve moved residences about twenty times it seems. The only music sheet I found is a simplified version of Blue Moon, which we try to play. I do think she’s better off starting piano lessons with good old Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

I do like the fact that as much as she knows how to open the piano and move the piano seat to fit her, she also knows how to keep the piano after she is done playing, trying to put that sheet of cloth back.

Oh yes, because we are Filipinos, the piano has good old portraits of me and my siblings’ graduations as well as photos from my sister’s debut and my wedding.

My dad is now planning to restore the piano to the um, tune of some twenty thousand pesos… I wonder if it’s worth it…. or maybe we’re better off buying a new violin or guitar or a portable keyboard.