Friday, May 20, 2011 5PM-9PM at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe, 2/F Avenue Square, Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City.

In November 2008, Jo was found to have cancer of the left breast.

The particular aggressiveness of her cancer necessitated mastectomy and chemotherapy thereafter, which she bravely endured the next month until April of 2009.

All seemed well until the cancer recurred in her chest wall barely a month after the last chemo cycle. This prompted her to have another surgery albeit a local one. September of the same year saw Jo undergoing a series of radiotherapy at the University of Santo Tomas. Despite the continuing treatment, bone and CT scans revealed that the cancer has spread to the bones of her chest and in her lungs.

Unable to fund the 160k + per 21-day cycle of chemotherapy, Jo and her family decided to participate in a drug trial in St. Luke’s Medical Center to gain access to chemotherapy drugs and other diagnostic procedures for free. She was subsequently disqualified when after 9 months in the trial her chest tumors stopped responding to the drug. It was at this point where FUDA Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou, China, was considered, as it was recommended by relatives and other patients in St. Lukes.

From January to March 2011, Jo spent her days at FUDA Cancer Hospital receiving treatment.

The cryosurgery and nano-chemotherapy done on her effected significant improvements much more than what her year of chemo achieved. She was supposed to come back last March for another round of nano-chemo but the expenses have caught up with her and her family.

Jo has not been receiving any form of treatment since.

Currently, she is suffering tremendous pains from the bone and skin metastases which leave her with open sores on the chest. The advanced treatments that FUDA hospital offers are her best and last recourse.

Jo — our dear colleague, friend, sister, mother — with greater reason needs our support in the fight for her very existence. And so all of us, friends and relatives, are called to lend assistance – moral, material, financial, to keep Jo ALIVE and well enough for her to continue giving us the gift of her company, her writings, her music, her insights, her love, as she is and as we have always known her to be.

Various groups will be involved: Writers Gig, Kabulig-Bikol, Kaboronyogan, Parasurat-Bikolnon, and of course, Wharf Galley Rock Cafe.

Featured poet is Ms. Jo Bisuna with performances from Bikol poets, Kaboronyogan, and Fire and Ice (a theater and dance group).

There will also be a book sale and a live performance of Pantomina to raise additional funds.

Designated host is Mr. Buboy Aguay.

There will be an open-mic poetry and after the program, Tanikala Tribe will be the band for the night.

See you all there!!!