Needless to say I have been very busy with everything that’s been going on with my life. Some of them I freely disclose, some of them I prefer to keep private. There are so many times that I wish I can just leave everything in Naga behind and go back to my friends, my work and my peaceful life in Manila. (I barely have time for my friends here though they always make it a point to come see me at the bar and even take me out to the movies).

Twice, my wallets were lost to the sneaky hands of the poor of the streets of Naga. I lost money, my cards, IDs and my trust in the people of Naga. The streets are not how I remember it to be. The people even. Or maybe I’m just older. I found myself dazed in front of a police officer filing a blotter report for the sake of all the affidavits of loss I have to file so I can have replacements for my cards and IDs.

Then I was in a car accident.

My boss wants me to come back to Manila, and because that’s my boss, and actually one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, I am. And then there’s this other company I have to manage and be head of, with only two staff, myself and an accountant/bookkeeper/admin assistant.

Sometimes I sit here, like I’m sitting right now, in the balcony of my parent’s home, listening to the rustling of the leaves of the caimito tree swaying in the wind, while my little one plays with the pitbull we fondly call Midnight, and ask myself, how in the world did I, at 29, find myself in the role of mom, housewife, grad student, researcher, web administrator, photographer, owner of two small online retail stores, owner of an overwhelming bar in Naga City, and managing director/CEO of an educational theater tour company (or something like that).

I have so much going on. Not that I’m complaining. I love what I do, all of it, everything about it. Though sometimes I can’t help but remember all those peaceful days I spent by the beach in the island, when there was a lot of time for thinking, writing, and basically getting to know myself. I miss myself. It’s been a while.

My birthday came and passed. Every year I only get two birthday presents. Every year my husband gets me a birthday present, no matter how small it is, a book for example. This year he bought me a new NorthFace backpack. Thanks H (and Eric Derama of TF HQ as well). Last year the only other birthday present I got was a Quiksilver messenger bag from my Travel Factor friend Maya. Thanks Maya, I love you. This year, my friend Myx got me a present I asked him to buy for me, something I fondly call my meditation bracelet. Thanks Myx… and for all the help you extend. For picking me up, my daughter and all the supplies I bring from Manila, at the bus terminal in the early mornings. For taking me around and helping with all the errands, for picking me up at home and bringing me home in the wee hours of the morning as well – and most especially for the long talks we have about running a business, having friends, and life in general. I appreciate it very much. Thank you. This year was a bit more special because my friend Summer also gave me an electric grill for the bar as a birthday present. More importantly, she is coming over with another friend of ours to spend the weekend with me. I feel very much loved. Thanks Summer for always being there for me. I appreciate all the help you give me with regards to the restaurant part of Wharf Galley. Everyone knows I don’t cook and I have absolutely no interest in cooking. I’m glad there’s Summer, someone who also takes me around Manila to buy supplies. I love you.

Looking at all my files, I see I have a lot of photos that have piled up. I have not been able to post much of them. I took out my tablet the other day thinking I was going to process some photos, only to find out that it doesn’t work anymore. I have to get a new one. It’s a must. I have not been taking any photos either. When all the workload gets to me, and also some people, I close my eyes and think about the days and nights in the islands…. in El Nido, in Coron, in Camiguin, in Siquijor, in Negros, in Bacolod…

And then I think to myself, yes, there is next week. I hope all goes well next week. So I can at least rest. That’s all I want. Some time for me.