These are the kinds of objects I would want to populate my home (or Wharf Galley) with. These are the kinds of objects I would like to do if only I had and could find the time and energy – but since I’m spread too thin as it is, it thrills me to find a gallery, or a group of people, who does the same thing – and the results are just fantastic!

Custom order entertainment console made from old cabinets, doors demolished from client's apartment

Pipe lamp

And my favorite…. library card catalog chest!

For the obsessive compulsive organizer in you...

It’s 120 cm tall, 140 cm wide, and 55 cm deep. The drawers are 4″ x 6″ and there are 48 drawers in all. It is made from Tanguile (Philippine Mahogany) wood and selling for Php12,000! Oh, looooove! *swoon*



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The new home of Resurrection is at 10A Alabama St., Quezon City, Philippines. Their workshop, things to be resurrected, works in progress, and showroom are now all under one roof. Call Leah at 09189240580 to visit.

1. a rising from the dead, or coming back to life
2. the state of having risen from the dead

We give new life to found objects, salvaged materials and junk by turning them into something functional & whimsical

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