It’s been some time since we had another one of those lazy Sundays, an entire day spent just laying in bed. Last Sunday, we were supposed to go on an early morning flight to Dumaguete, for some family time and some much-needed rest and relaxation or more like some much-needed time by the beach, maybe do a lot of swimming and snorkeling in Apo Island, or spend some time in the shade of an umbrella or beach hut where its bright and sunny and oh-so-freakin hot, but as it is, H said if we went on that supposed 4 day-3 night trip, that would only leave him with three days of leave for the entire year, all the way up to December. (I could go on about this and that and this and that and why we’ve not been on any trip since January this year blah blah blah but I’m just gonna go back to these photos and say, ahhh, this is still rest and relaxation. *smiles*) In fact, it is! No packing, no going to the airport, or running after public modes of transportation such as buses and the likes – only, simply, laying in bed all day with my little me.

My body clock has been used to bar hours so I tend to sleep the morning away – and that is how I ended having photos like these. Oh Lia, you are one LOVE-ly little girl.



And she pretends to be asleep, just like her Mama.



But her eyes are wide open…



…And it makes me laugh.



Kisses to the H who took these photos. Thanks love. *winks*