My motto this past month is “No to musical discrimination,” and because of that, I agreed to hold the first ever metal night in Wharf Galley Avenue Square. I had really wanted to go and see it for myself, just to see what the fuss is all about. I wanted to see what this “mosh pit” they all talk about and see how that goes, with men and women in it. I wanted to see a big crowd of black-wearing people and feel their energy. On the personal side, I had wanted to look after what I need to protect, my people, my property, or at the very least, my name. But I was home sick and was only updated via phone.

Amidst all hesitations, not to mention warnings and advise to cancel, we proceeded with the metal night, organized by Metal Knights Production, at the new Wharf Galley in Avenue Square.

The night was cut short, and for the very first time Wharf Galley was closed at 1am, because of a brawl that started inside Wharf and was continued outside, with beer bottles breaking, still in the premises of Avenue Square. I was assured this was not going to happen, repeatedly told the audiences are also peace-loving music lovers, that the production can control their crowd – but was proven wrong.

And because of that, I, as owner and manager of Wharf Galley and tenant of Avenue Square received warnings from the head of security of Avenue Square. Bummer. That left me with no choice but to cancel all Metal Knights Productions events to be held at Wharf Galley. That doesn’t mean they cannot hold metal nights anymore. They can, but I will not be able to sponsor the venue. But hey, at least we gave it a try, yes?

No to musical discrimination, but let us all maintain peace. No brawls please. Is respect really very hard to uphold these days?

For more pictures of the event, check out Fallen Emperor‘s photo albums, they did their album launch that night. Too bad I missed it. I hope you guys had a blast though. 😉 Congratulations!!

Fallen Emperor’s Album Launch at Wharf Galley Album 1
Fallen Emperor’s Album Launch at Wharf Galley Album 2

**All photos on this blog post belong to Fallen Emperor