First off, we will be releasing our menu next week (oh it isn’t July yet next week) Tentatively, June 29, Wednesday. Photography was done by Gouldian Colours and lay out by Pencionados DesignPlus. The highlight of this menu would be the release of Wharf Galley’s cocktails by Don Topetito.

July 4 would mark the start of Cinema Mondays at Wharf Galley. And of course, who else would be featured that night but the great Nick Olanka. So July 4 is officially Nick Olanka night. We are showing his Lunes ng Hapis short and his full-length Cinemalaya film Huling Araw ng Linggo. Watch out for more films from Dada Docot, Ray Gibraltar, Raymond Lee, Sigrid Bernardo, Roxlee and other friends. This is going to be exciting!

July 6 would be the launch of the Wharf Galley membership card! We are brewing something very very exciting for Naga City (and the world!).

July 14 would be Silver Chair‘s Speed Dating event, followed by Session Road’s gig on July 15.

July would also be the start of Comedy Tuesdays, with performance from our main band Polo Jane. And of course we still have Thirsty Thursdays on July 7 and 21!


Thirsty Thursday June 23, 2011

We have a Bicolano Rappers Organization and Urban Bicolano Productions event happening on July 29 – A Fliptop Battle!

We still have our regular once-a-month Sunday night of  poetry with the  Writers Gig.

A photography workshop is scheduled for July 30 and 31, with a HUGE event by Fist Productions on the evening of July 30. Watch out for it!

All these in addition to our regular bands performing every night, Tom & Jerry, Chill Chill, Tharapadi, Tanikala Tribe, Punch Cube, Polo Jane, Elementals, Fume, Idle Pitch and Alibata. We may even have new bands on board!

We are also starting work on our compilation album project – an album of all-original music from Bicol bands. Heading this project of course is Jonjie San Vicente, with support from Gouldian Colours and the rest of the team.

In this, a big team is working. And all hands are on board! See you at Wharf Galley!

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