Someone was inviting me to take a cross country train ride in some part of Asia, I forget who that is now, but then somehow, images of dining on a train just persist in my mind. Maybe its from watching too many movies with trains, who knows?

I have about a thousand images culled from Asian movies with trains, but the titles are elusive, and I am left with no other movie title in mind but a Hollywood one – one that I can’t seem to forget because people tease me about my e-cigarette.

June 29 will be the inaugural run of the Bicol Express Naga-Manila and Vic Nierva just won’t stop teasing us with photos of the train… and now the dining car. Too bad, there would be no day trips until later this year so we can actually experience “dining” during breakfast and lunch. But until then, these photos will suffice.

Final tariff will be out next week but according to the news, the cheapest would be about P600 for the reclining seats, P800 for the sleeper regular, and P1100 for the sleeper executive. All coaches are a/c. Tickets may be obtained from any PNR station in Manila (Tutuban, España or Pasay Road).