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August 2011

Someone Like You

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I will always say that Adele is MY artist. Some artists I like, I like because someone introduced it to me, like Jeff Buckley, Maria Mena to name a couple – artists that I came to appreciate and love because I hung out too much at Nick’s place; BUT Adele, is mine.

It was the music video of Chasing Pavements that caught my attention, that made me look for her album in record stores. It was that beautiful voice that on the first words, always made me think of Macy Gray (an absolute favorite of mine), that in turn evoked memories of my days in college and El Nido, which in turn evoked memories associated with Joss Stone. It always was a cascade of memories, deep-seated and quite uncontrollable.

Asked why I had liked that video, its simple but unique. The stop motion part is something I had looked forward to every time.

More than the video, I had loved the song and the lyrics. It had provided the perfect soundtrack to my nomadic life of the years past.

Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere?
Or would it be a waste even if I knew my place
Should I leave it there?
Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements
Even if it leads nowhere?

I build myself up and fly around in circles
Wait then as my heart drops and my back begins to tingle
Finally could this be it?


The Beach Will Wait

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I should be writing. There are so many things to write about and people to write to. Letters, I should be writing letters and these days, I seem to do nothing else but that. Important ones, not like the ones I used to write. Ones that do not matter now, if they ever did.

I should be writing letters, but right now, at 3:51AM, the last thing I want to write are more letters to other people. Perhaps a letter… to myself. Musings, like the ones I used to write.

Two nights, I sat on a bright yellow bench, with my dusky pink sweater wrapped around me, a cup of strong sweet and creamy coffee in a stryfoam cup bought from the sari-sari store nearest to that bright yellow bench that has endeared itself to me, and listened to Taylor Swift’s Fearless on my phone. I never did pay much attention to Taylor Swift, except when her video is on the music channel because she is absolutely pretty with that pouty lips and tiny mouth of hers, and except during that time when Kanye West was an a** to her at some particular awards show, but for some reason, I found it fitting to listen to Taylor Swift as the wind blew my hair around my face and the coldness of the early morning seeped into my jeans. A pair of bootleg jeans, perfect for my cowboy boots that has made itself famous in this particular city I happen to find myself often enough these days and that I have dug out of the bottom of my childhood cabinet – a memoir from my high school days.


Johnoy Danao at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe – May 21, 2011

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Johnoy’s gig was actually supposed to be on May 7th, but Typhoon Bebeng (Related story: Bebeng Threatens Bicol Region) came lashing down on the entire region with strong winds and heavy rains, which caused Johnoy and his team, on a Cebu Pacific plane that hovered above the Pili Airport for some time waiting and hoping to land to no avail, to come back to Manila. Incidentally, that also spoiled our Pacquiao vs Mosely plans at Ramashinta Resort & Spa, as well as my Mother’s Day Special at Stonehouse Gardens.

Poster layout by Ver Estotsenberg

This is the old poster, which we released back when Wharf Galley Rock Cafe was still at its old location in Elias Angeles St., near Nagaland Hotel and our partner printing press was Goldprint. This was also back in the time when I thought one could make do with only a few sponsors here and there (and boy, was I so wrong!)


Aloha Boardsports & Travel Factor Surf & Music Festival 2011

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Aloha Boardsports & Travel Factor Surf & Music Festival 2011

October 29-31, 2011 Baler, Aurora

This October 29-31, 2011, Aloha Boardsports and Travel Factor bring to you the biggest surfing event of the year!

Aloha Boardsports & Travel Factor Surf & Music Festival 2011

Get ready for an action-packed weekend featuring two of modern life’s greatest things: surf and music! It’s gonna be a surf fest as Aloha Boardsports team riders Okoy Rojo, Jeff Dela Torre, Saddam Faraon, Nikki Dela Paz, Buji Libarnes and Mike Oida teach you the 101′s of surfing. With some of the best Filipino surfers as your instructors, you’ll be riding the waves of Baler in no time!

And if you think you got skills already, take on Travel Factor’s SURFVIVOR Challenge IV, the first and original beginner surfing competition in the Philippines. Awesome prizes await the winners!

And of course, the music. Prep your ears for some serious beats as some of the finest DJs keep the beach scene pumping. We’ve got your every night covered! Featuring performances from Franco, Wolfgang, Razorback, Tropical Depression, Coffee Break Island, Enemies of Saturn, and many more! Sabang Beach will never be the same.


Sonnet XVII: ‘No te amo como si fueras rosa,’ by Pablo Neruda

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Sonéto XVII

Daí taká namómôtan na garó bagá iká búrak, o hiyás,
o an panà nin mga ara-alas-dóse na nagtútupga nin kaláyo.
Namómôtan taká síring na an ibáng madidiklóm na bágay namómôtan,

sa limpóy, sa pag-ultánan kan aníno asín kalág.
Namómôtan taká síring sa tinanóm na daí nagbubúrak
alágad yáon saíya an ílaw kan mga búrak na nalílipudan;

salámat sa saímong pagkámoot na saróng maisóg na hamót,
naggíkan sa kinâban, madiklóm na nabubúhay sa sakóng háwak.
Namómôtan taká na daí iniísip an pâno, o kasuarín, o kun saín gíkan.

Namómôtan taká na may kasiguruhán, daíng karibúngan o kahámbugán:
na namómâtan taká nin húli ta daí na akó nin ibá pang paági
kundî iní: na kun saín mayò an iká o magín akó,

labí-kaharaní na pálad ko an pálad mo sa sakóng daghán,
labí-kaharaní na an saímong mga matá an minapírong sa sakóng pagtúrog.

Sonnet XVII: ‘No te amo como si fueras rosa,’ by Pablo Neruda

** This is a Bikol translation. Heartwarming more than the usual. Thanks Vic Nierva.


Travel Factor Friends Support Wharf Galley Rock Cafe

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It’s taken me some time to post the photos from this event: Travel Factor’s Super Stoked Weekend! April 15-17, 2011 but here are some of them. Thanks Travel Factor for all the love and support. I miss you soooo much!

Travel Factor Friends at CWC April 15, 2011

Travel Factor Friends at CWC April 15, 2011



Angku at the old Wharf Galley Rock Cafe

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I believe my friend Cheekay Torres took these photos. Thanks Cheeks. It took me quite a while to go through the photos because

1. I have been very busy
2. I ran out of hard disk space both on my mac and my portable hard disk
3. I didn’t wanna look at photos of me from this time of the year when I was really, really, really stressed out with a lot of things, not to mention recovering from a difficult experience the past few months.