I make it look like Naga and Manila are not nearly 500 kilometers away from each other with the number and frequency of trips I make between the two cities within a month. The past months have been truly frenetic, as is obvious from the infrequency if not totally lack of, blog posts. Let’s not mention the database crash that occurred almost two months ago that left my site with features and almost half of my old entries missing.

Moving on (and I’m always moving on it seems), I am back in Manila to work, work, work it all away. From my original Wharf Galley staff of seven, one headwaiter, two waiters, one chef, one assistant cook, one cashier and one sound technician; I now have nine, plus one bartender and one operations manager. This makes the work, for my staff a little bit easier with regards to inventory, and for me a whole lot easier with the responsibilities I used to have. I now officially have someone to audit my daily financial reports, in addition to my accountant/bookkeeper on retainer, and to run my errands while I am not in Naga.

Though it may seem that I am always out on supposed nights out, otherwise known as gimmicks, those are actually gigs I have to go to as part of my responsibilities as bar owner, producer and somewhat band manager.

In truth, I have not really “worked” in a long time, my official day job being Web Administrator and Research Assistant at the University of the Philippines Diliman. I spent almost all of March, April, May, June and July in Naga, with my mini-me in tow half the time.

When I am in Manila, I spend most of my time being housewife and mom at my home as well as girlfriend who goes out on movie and dinner dates. I try to see my friends and visit them in their homes, as I used to do before all this accidental-bar-ownership happened. I try to sleep as much as I can, something I am not able to do when I am in Naga playing the role of bar owner and enduring physically taxing work and sleep hours. I try to eat as much as I can so I can, in theory, stockpile on fats that just disappear within two days of stay in Naga – if they ever were present to begin with anyway.

This past Saturday was spent engrossing myself in a 2008-2010 tv series adapted from the series of books by Terry Goodkind, having lazy, delicious though late lunch at the newly-opened Papa John’s Pizza at The Brick Road and watching Chris Evans and his ridiculous costume (Don’t they all?)

Since it was an easy and lazy Saturday, I did not take it upon myself to fix myself for this day out. I must say that isn’t so obvious in this photo taken while waiting for delicious calzone to arrive. Yes, the calzone at Papa John’s is a treat. I’d come back for it soon.


I have not been too hard on myself lately but I am hard at work now on putting this particular website up (one year delayed of course) and catching up with some poster design, my motivation being, “The moment I am done with all this, I am taking my little me to The Little Playroom and spend the entire day there just playing house and cooking with various colorful, plastic kitchen implements.” And it works just fine.

As an end note, I miss blogging and photography. Those will have to wait.