We made it to Meiday! Heyday! because I wanted some Moonleaf Milk Tea – which we did not find because their booth kept moving about in that crowded place.

Cubao X through the eyes of my phone

Cubao X via 4square

I was just craving for milk tea the entire night, even when Coy found us, hanging out by the restrooms, away from the crowd, and wondering what to do and where to go.

Photo by Coy Placido

What I like about going to Cubao X is that there is always a chance of bumping into a friend or two. One of our friends from college was even at Pen Pen’s restaurant, a new resto owned by Pen and Ping Medina, that was having its soft opening that night. I even saw my friend Marcus Adoro, who almost jumped at the sight of me. I always look different every time we see each other. And then of course, there was Dan. The Discoball was playing that night too.

with Dan and Dennis, photo by Coy Placido

Top Junk played before The Discoball did…

Top Junk through the eyes of my phone

The Discoball, photo by Coy Placido

with Dennis and Izel of Top Junk, photo by Coy Placido

We left shortly after The Discoball played. I was tipsy by then, thanks to the few bottles of Tanduay Ice. Perhaps that explains the big smiles on my face in the photos. It was, over all, a good night. A good night of good music and good friends. I wish Nick and Kalai were there too. Going to Cubao X without them just doesn’t complete the experience. Soon, soon…. I hope?