1. The bar is one TAMBLING away from our house.
2. The main bands for the night are Franco and Wilabaliw.

Did I need other reasons to go?

Sure, the entrance ticket was at P200, P50 higher than the usual gate fee at all the bars within Metro Manila, but what the heck, Franco and Wilabaliw in one night.

We got there at about 11pm and there were only 5 bands left. Wilabaliw was just on their way to the bar. We didn’t get to see the other bands play, but what we did see, was this band. And I think, this band made my night.

Tribo Subculture
Genre: Metal Tribalcore
Cris – vox
Mike – Bass
Bong – Guitar
Bryan – Guitar
Tox – Drums
Eric – Drums, percussions and wind instruments
JC – Percussions and wind instruments
Oswald- Wind intruments
Rod – Percussions and wind instruments
Caloy- Percussion and backing vocals

Hometown: Pasig
Band consists of 8 man members and was formed mid 2002. their music is called fusion combining two elements of music. They use metal music and combine with tribal music that form tribal core. Music that is heavy but yet has a touch of ethnic realm. This band uses indigenous instruments like djembe, tribal flute, chimes, and other indigenous instrument found mostly is South East Asia.

* Aug 24 2002 – performed at Nu 107 Rockology held at PUP with cheese and was aired live at NU 107.
* Aug 16 2002- performed at Nu 107 Party Monsters on the Lose 3 held at Enchanted Kingdom with Slapshock, Greyhoundz, Cover Me Quick and Chico Sci.
* April 18 2003- Performed at Pulp Summer Slam 3
* Sept 14 2003- Featured at Pulp Magazine
* Oct 18 2003- Launch their EP at Freedom bar and this was featured in Pulp Magazine
* Oct 27 and 30- Featured in In the Raw radio show at NU 107 and In the Raw TV at UnTV 37
* Nov 24 2003- Performed at Nu 107 Rock Awards 10 and was nominated Raw
Band Of the year.
* Feb 27 2004- performed at Rock For Peace held at UP grounds.
* March 26 2004- Performed at Rockolgy 107 held at San Beda Collage with Sandwich and Chico Sci
* May 14 2004- Rock Rockan Sa Marikina held at Marikina river banks with greyhoundz,cheese, kamikaze.
* June 12 2004- Rock Attack QC held at Amoranto Statum
* July 22 2004- Colt 45 Rockista held at Marikina Stadium
* Aug 12 2004- Featured on ABC 5 Band Rito
* Sept 25 2004- Featured in Metal Madness at Nu 107
* Subcuture played regular slots at Mayrics, Rock to Metal, Freedom bar, Vida De Malate.

Provicial tours:
* Redhorse Tour 04- with Fuzebox held At Imus Cavite
* Redhorse Metal Tour – with Pentavia and Machine Sledge held at Polanggui Albay fiesta- with Sunflower day Camp
* Tribal Gear tour – with Pentavia
* Rock to Metal Tour – with Greyhounz, Cheese, Chico Sci, Typecast, Giniling Festival

Year 2009, the band re-formated with new line up. But still have the possed the music. mark the entry of new axe men and new tribal masters. Come back performances:

* Sept 21 = Naga, Bicol ( with Draven shoes )
* Nov 11.09 = Kaguluhan festival Cavite with SkyChurch, Sin, Even and Blatek
* Nov 28.09 = Sunrise festival
* Rakita Jam sessions 9 and 13 ( for Draven )

Website: http://tribosubculture.multiply.com

Who would’ve guessed I’d like a metal band? But I guess it was the percussions that did it. And there were a lot of percussions! I must admit it’s something I do not get to see often in Naga.

I wonder when they can come and play at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe. The last time they were in Naga was September 2009, and they played at West Park. I hope next time they are in Naga, they will be playing in Wharf Galley. I just hope I won’t get a memo from Avenue Square again.

Simplicio Elegante is just near the Cainta Junction. It will celebrate it’s first month on August 18. I remember seeing this building before, when I used to pay my bills at Meralco and cross the street on my way back home. I can swear the place used to be a KTV with GROs in it.

The bar is big, bigger than Wharf Galley, maybe as big as Merci Bar in Timog. It had a lot of technical difficulties. From microphones that just wouldn’t sync and music that just wouldn’t gel together. There was this band that I felt really sorry for. They were really good and I’m sure their music was better than it sounded in that bar, but well, maybe next time, they bring their own tech?

There were no other drinks being served other than Red Horse. Since I do not drink Red Horse beer, and I was hungry, and there were no empty tables left, and it seemed to me the staff had no intention of taking orders, we went over to 7 Eleven across the street and bought myself a bottle of Gilbey’s Premium, and dropped by Andok’s to get some liempo, that we ate while sitting on the sidewalk with bare hands, rakista style. (Dang, what in the world is happening?)

Practically everyone in the bar had tattooed arms, or long hair, or pierced body parts (ears, nose, chin, eyebrows, you name it.) In a sea of black shirts, I was the only one wearing green. When Franco started playing, everyone stood on the tables and chairs, and there you go, did group singing. H was having a great time, while I was hanging outside, trying to get a breath of fresh air (there is no such thing as fresh air in Metro Manila, but the air outside the bar was definitely fresher than the air inside.) I do not have to describe the kind of experience it was, being there, but suffice it to say, it made my nights in the old Wharf pale in comparison, in terms of smoke. Reeky icky, that’s all I can say.

Other than that, akina ang “Reklamador ng Taon Award.” Thank you.

I have no intention of bragging but I wish Naguenos would appreciate Wharf for what it is – a place where there is comfort and good music. At least we try to do our best. I’m not sure I’m coming back to this bar again, ever.