It’s true. I used to get crazy with seat sales online. These days though there aren’t any real seat sales anymore. It isn’t just how it used to be. Besides, after being unable to use all the tickets I bought for the family last January, February, March and June, I have completely lost interest.

Now, the new craze is group buying and discount coupons. Now I hoard coupons, for a change, at least.

So far, these have been the promos I have managed to, uhm, take advantage of?

Here is a big revelation: I have never been to Enchanted Kingdom. Why? Because I always thought it was going to be a big waste of money since I had severe motion sickness and couldn’t go into any of the rides.

I have since gotten over my motion sickness (quite extreme when I was in college – a direct result of a 6-day land trip from Naga to Cebu and back), and I now have Lia who I think will enjoy this trip to Enchanted Kingdom immensely.

P250 for a P500 worth of GC from Travel Essentials

I happen to love Travel Essentials and what it is all about. I first saw this store at the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010 and I bought a travel blanket from them, which I loved, and a travel medicine kit organizer, that turned out to be a make-up kit for me and something that Lia absolutely loved as her very own bag. I used to make her carry that medicine kit organizer for me. She thinks its her very own. I love it when we are going out and she hands me my bag (“Mama, bag!”) and she gets that bag for herself to carry. Yes, I’m a traveler, and I’m an OC traveler at that. I love organizing my things, though I really couldn’t care less if they are organized when I’m already out there, out in the wilderness that is the traveler’s world.

I had my eye on that Travel Document case and some other OC-related stuff, so I bought myself a few coupons.

The latest of this coupon craze would be my purchase of a deal that I, supposedly, actually missed last summer. The one for Fun Ranch!

Fun Ranch Ride All You Can Promo!

I used to leave Lia with the househelp here at Fun Ranch and do my groceries and banking at the SM Hypermarket Pasig across the street from Tiendesitas, which in turn is across the street from Fun Ranch. Yeah, yeah, you get it. They’re all practically in one compound. Lia absolutely loved being at the Fun Ranch even if I did not leave them with any money for going into any of the rides. Though I trusted the househelp to look after Lia all on her own, I did not trust her enough to be watchful of Lia while she went into one of those rides, bumper cars for example. I found them looking gleefully at this thing where you’re supposed to fish. Actually, she was very excited about the girl who was supposedly doing the fishing. I had this feeling if I hadn’t come any sooner, she would’ve grabbed that fake fishing rod from the little girl and did the fishing herself

That was last year and Lia was not even two years old.

I think this year would be a different story. Lia would want to go into every single ride there is and yeah, actually do some “fishing”. That is why I was waiting for this deal. No, I was looking for and at this deal yesterday. Yesterday though it was in the “Past Deals” section. I missed that deal last summer. Imagine my surprise when this morning, when I woke up and checked my email (as is actually the first thing I do every morning upon waking up, no kidding), there in my inbox was this announcement from Metro Deal that this deal is back! My dear baby girl, to Fun Ranch it is then! Maybe when we come back, ya? There is no Fun Ranch in Bicol and that is where we will be until your Papa comes back from Germany.