Four months later, here are the photos from that beautiful gig at the old Wharf Galley Rock Cafe in Elias Angeles St.

We started with the usual soundcheck and then dinner at Frennie’s place. Afterwards, the band went back to their accommodations at Naga Manor, before coming back to the bar to play two amazing sets!

Sound check!

Sound check!

Sound check!

Dinner at Frennie's

Dinner at Frennie's


The other videos are here.

This was me recording, caught on camera accidentally by Viviene using Frennie’s camera.

And here I was, including myself in other people’s photos. That’s Jack, Frennie and Sir Tuting’s (of U.P. Rep) brother, right in the middle, with his friends.

My friend Cheekay was there to support.

Angku and Cheekay

The event was well-attended. Of course, Owen and Gilbert were there.

Owen and Gilbert?

Oh sorry, Owen and Gilbert.

(the real) Owen and Gilbert

We hung out on the street during set break.

Hanging out with Brownman by the lamp post

And of course, after the gig.

With Siopao and Cheekay - HS!

Cheekay took this photo of me sitting on the pavement across the bar. I just came from that surfing trip in Baler and was tanned as usual. Loved it. Too skinny though. (Not loving it).

Sitting on the pavement, photo by Cheekay Torres

Wharf Galley Rock Cafe in Elias Angeles St., poster design by Ver Estotensenberg

My friend Ver did the poster design for this event. I just want to let him know that we had a really big tarp made and displayed it in front of the bar for everyone to see. *winks* Thanks for designing the posters for Wharf!

The other photos are here on the Wharf Galley Rock Cafe Facebook account. Go check em out.