Johnoy’s gig was actually supposed to be on May 7th, but Typhoon Bebeng (Related story: Bebeng Threatens Bicol Region) came lashing down on the entire region with strong winds and heavy rains, which caused Johnoy and his team, on a Cebu Pacific plane that hovered above the Pili Airport for some time waiting and hoping to land to no avail, to come back to Manila. Incidentally, that also spoiled our Pacquiao vs Mosely plans at Ramashinta Resort & Spa, as well as my Mother’s Day Special at Stonehouse Gardens.

Poster layout by Ver Estotsenberg

This is the old poster, which we released back when Wharf Galley Rock Cafe was still at its old location in Elias Angeles St., near Nagaland Hotel and our partner printing press was Goldprint. This was also back in the time when I thought one could make do with only a few sponsors here and there (and boy, was I so wrong!)

We did manage to hold the gig on May 21st, when the weather was better, but a lot of those who were going did not manage to come anymore. Nevertheless, it was an intimate night of good music for lovers, friends and family.

Here are the photos that David, of Naya’s Corner, took. There are also some photos from our official photography partner, Gouldian Colours, that I will post soon enough.

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