I got tired with doing the photo booth shat endlessly so I got up to leave, Lia, on the other hand had become addicted to it and would tell me, “Mama, smore! smore! Yeah, it’s not the marshmallows she’s talking about but go figure. Though I think she is saying “More” but is misled into believing she should say “There’s more!” Like she thinks the right word for “milk” is teem. Anyway, the following series is just too cute.

I love looking at these photos over and over and over again. She does NOT look like me. Bummer. Hahaha. Though that fact I have known since day 1. She would, sometimes, tend to look like me, but well, that’s just a direct result of my putting my face right next to hers every single day and night. 😛

In your face Lia

Lia with her Papa face and Papa stare

Gitilon Lia

Press here

Lia's own version of the Asian pose

Vogue vogue Lia

I think she wanted to do a vogue-vogue thing with her hands. I saw her doing something with both, but then I think she couldn’t help but laugh at herself – and that was what the camera caught. What a mischievous little laugh that is too.

Smile smile