After a long day of going everywhere with Myx – local high schools, the Pili Municipal Hall, my friend’s house, the airport, the Cam. Sur Water Sports Complex, Ateneo de Naga University and San Miguel Corporation office, the last thing I wanted to do was go back to Wharf, even if I have been missing Tanikala Tribe for a while now. I made it home in time to take Lia out for a little trip outside!

We took a pedicab to we didn’t know where…. until I had this funtastic idea!

“Is that store in the old Benjie cinema still open at this time?” I asked the pedicab driver. He said it closed at eight.

When we got there, the guard was already closing some of the display windows. Apparently, they close at seven thirty, and Lia and I barely made it!

We walked in and Lia and I went silly crazy! Coz we’re silly crazy like that!

By the entrance was a row of colorful plastic flowers! Lia loves flowers. Actually, she only loves them because she loves giving them to me. Flashback to that fight she and her cousin Marielle had over these plastic flowers on a vase at my dad’s house. Lia has made a habit out of taking the flowers out of the vase and giving them to me. She wants to see me holding them with my hands, and preferably near my chest, if not on top of it when I am lying down.

So on this one afternoon when my eldest sister and her daughter were at my dad’s house, Lia took the flowers and gave them to me. Her cousin took the flowers, which were lying on top of my chest, and says, “This is mine!” Lia ran to her and tried to take the flowers back saying, “This is my Mama’s flowers! My Mama’s flowerrrrsssss!” and thus began a screaming, crying match with a tug-of-war for the beloved plastic flowers. I looked at my daughter’s eyes, her face streaming with tears and saw the struggle for “her Mama’s flowers” and I didn’t know whether to laugh or stay mum. Half of me wanted to just take the flowers away from my niece and tell her, “Yes this is MY flowers!” but I’d like to believe I’m the kind of mother that lets my daughter fight her own fights.

And that, goes down in history, as the day my daughter fought for me.

And I hope it would not be the last. In fact, I hope she would always do so…..

Anyway, going back to the store, it was crazzzzzy! Crazy in the way you go crazy over at Quiapo or Divisoria for all these funky cheap finds! There were cheap Christmas decorations, cheap rugs, cheap tables and cheap pretty little study tables for Lia!

At P1,600 I had soooo wanted to buy her one. *sad face goes here* because I did not have even P500. (Kahirapan for the win!)

So I led her away down aisles of cheap shirts, cheap pants, cheap bags, cheap shades, cheap trinkets, everything there was cheap! I was laughing the entire time! Then Lia got her hands on some pink and purple markers and called out to me. She then led me back to the study tables. Uh-oh, I murmured to myself.

I led her back to the counter with her markers and a Disney Princess notebook, which she gave herself to the cashier, and paid for them. She led me back to one of the pink study tables and sat down. Oh my, how I wished I could buy the cheap pretty pink study table…

I left her there to go roaming down the aisles once more and I found myself in the aisle with the kinky huge brassieres. Hahahaha! And the kinky panties! Oh la-la-la… hahaha! I thought, shall I buy some just for kicks? See, I have never been into kinky underwear. I was always the grandmother’s-underwear kind of girl, if you know what I mean. Hahahahaha! Oh my God, I was laughing like crazy the whole time!

And then, I go and check on some of the more normal-looking panties and see this!

One silly panty - design on the back

One silly panty - design in front

And I laugh like crazy because I remember the Elephanty! The panty with the elephant design, complete with a little tail at the back! Oh la-la-la-la!

And then that reminds me of this time when H and I were going through a particular Christmas bazaar in Eastwood, and there were these panties, and we were, for some reason, going through them and he had said, “Oh this looks nice!” holding one and I take one and say too, “Oh this looks nice! Except that it looks quite dirty.” Like you know, when you’re at a bazaar, people go through the stuff with their hands and all, but this particular panty, I happened to turn over and it was really dirty! Like dirty as if someone had already worn it! And we drop the panty, and hurriedly walk away, laughing like maniacs. Damn dirty panty in the Christmas bazaar! Hahaha.

Oh I wish I had taken photos of all these silly little stuff at that silly store but all of the staff were looking at me because they were already mopping, cleaning and basically closing for the night and I was there maniacally laughing at every little thing while my daughter owned the study table out in front, making drawings on her Disney princess notebook worth P10 and pink and purple markers worth P5 each.

Schooling at the silly store

I think I will make it a habit to visit this silly store just to check out what’s new. Besides, in the absence of playgrounds or long quiet streets where we can take a little stroll together, it’s a really good bonding activity for Lia and me.

Its at times like these when I love living the provincial life. Oh the simple joys! And hoorah to silly panties!