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October 2011

A Farewell Letter by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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If for an instant God were to forget that I am rag doll and gifted me with a piece of life,
possibly I wouldn’t say all that I think,
but rather I would think of all that I say.

I would value things,
not for their worth but for what they mean.

I would sleep little, dream more,
understanding that for each minute we close our eyes we lose sixty seconds of light.

I would walk when others hold back.
I would wake when others sleep.

I would listen when others talk,
and how I would enjoy a good chocolate ice cream!

If God were to give me a piece of life,
I would dress simply,
throw myself face first into the sun,
baring not only my body but also my soul.

My God, if I had a heart, I would write my hate on ice,
and wait for the sun to show.
Over the stars I would paint with a Van Gogh dream a Benedetti poem,
and a Serrat song would be the serenade I’d offer to the moon.
With my tears I would water roses,
to feel the pain of their thorns,
and the red kiss of their petals.


The Surf Culture Artist Exhibit at the Surf & Music Festival 2011

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Calling all photographers and artists. Now is your chance to Shine.

Have a shot that embodies the free flow of the Surfing Lifestyle? Here is your opportunity to show off your work and be recognized.

The Surf & Music Festival brought to you by Aloha Boardsports and Travel Factor will host an artist exhibit brought to you by Havaianas.

The scope of the exhibit entails any work that you feel best embodies the Surf Culture. This can be action images, lifestyle images, beach landscapes, abstract images, music/concert imagery etc. It’s not limited to photographs only.


This is What I Missed Out – TEDx in Manila

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My beloved boss, though learned late of the event, managed to get me a ticket but due to the rains, I was not able to make it.

Nick Olanka goes to post this on Facebook, and darn it, this makes me wish I took the bus last night!


Theme: How Art and Culture Can Change Our World

Quezon City, Philippines
October 8th, 2011

About this event

One artist recently put it to us that “Hope starts when people work on changing how we think. This is why art is important. Art is the expression of the ideas and aspirations of people, and they form the foundation of culture.”


Riding in Buses with Boys

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The only bus at the terminal when I walked in at four in the morning was a Florencia line with a sign to Nato Port – Sagnay. I boarded it with a smile and thought how nice it would be to actually get off at the port. I told the conductor I was getting off in the town of Pili, some fifteen kilometers and thirty minutes away, and paid the fare of P15. Oh how I long for the beach, I thought as I closed my eyes.

I woke up to peer through the stained glass windows and the pelting rain into the dark of what looked like vast expanses of watery rice fields and I knew instantly I had slept too long. I checked the time – five o’clock. Sleepy and not knowing where exactly was I, I decided it was best that I get off in the town proper, whatever town that happened to be.

I entertained the thought of getting off at the port but I looked at my boys and decided, maybe next time.

I got off the town proper, still not knowing what town, and walked under the eaves of the line of sari-sari stores shut at five past on a rainy Saturday morning until I found a sign. It read:


The Surf & Music Festival 2011 Surfing Competition

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I have a lot of choices for this upcoming long weekend.

a. I can organize a Halloween Party at the Wharf Galley Rock Cafe. Why not?!

b. The family can go to Subic for the weekend, and have lots of fun with Lia, the kids of H’s college friends at the Zoobic Safari.


c. H and I can go on a 5th anniversary date to Jason Mraz’s concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum



Family By October 6, 2011 Tags: , , 1 Comment

I am blogger no more. Or at least that’s what I feel since I absolutely feel no inclination to blog the past days. I used to blog like crazy.

This afternoon, as I was passing through an empty lot on our way home from spending time with my dad, I saw the annual “perya” being set up. It made me miss Lia so much, even though it’s been barely a day since I last saw her. Crazy Lia will surely love that perya. I can just imagine.

Today I got this email. Halloween is nearing and I am so looking forward to it, not for me but for my crazy little Lia. She loves scary stuff so much!

This is the poster for this year’s company Halloween and Family Day. The poster hardly looks scary, but I am sure as hell that Lia would love to be there. I am so excited for her!