SUPPORT BICOLANO ARTISTS – that’s the thrust of Wharf Galley, so every time we have a Manila-based band coming over to Naga, we prioritize bringing the Bicolanos back home. Your Imaginary Friends, composed of  Ahmad Tanji (vocals and guitars) of Legazpi’s famed Pepsi Paloma Experiment, his brother Khalid (guitars), Eric Po(drums) from Naga City and Emerald Aquino (bass), are as close to being all Bicolano as they can get.

At B-Side, The Collective, Makati

After months of planning, that included a meet-and-greet at the Shoplifters United Presents – Silence is the Villain event (click on the link for the photos) at B-Side last August and then another meeting at Today x Future at Cubao X last September, Your Imaginary Friends (YIF) finally made it to Naga City!

Eric Po, the band’s drummer and graphic artist extraordinaire, made a lot of publicity materials for this event in the course of three months. This helped a lot in promoting the event and no doubt, helped in making the event a very successful one.

Teaser Poster October 2011

Teaser Poster November 2011

Final Poster with sponsors

Avenue Square tarp

We would like to thank all our sponsors for their tremendous help in making this event happen.

The management of Avenue Square and Avenue Plaza Hotel for the band’s accommodations at the Naga Manor Hotel. The marketing and publicity department of Bigg’s Diner, Inc. for the breakfast. To the Palma family of Bob Marlin Restaurant & Grill for the sumptuous lunch. To the Maderal family for the delicious dinner at Grill Plus Magsaysay. To the Bicol Transport System/Isarog Lines for the discount on the bus transportation going back to Manila. And yes, for the discount and experience – the Philippine National Railway (PNR) for the transportation from Manila going to Naga. We could not have done it without you and your gracious help. The band was well-fed. (Bawal magutom!)

With some of the members of the band Symph

It was also a successful gig, with lots of friends and family from Naga, Iriga, and Legazpi. Many thanks as well to the other bands that played – Madla, Haste Makes Waste, The Doldrums and Symph, who did a reunion that night after years of being absent from the scene.

With the band The Doldrums from Legazpi and some fans

Batchmates: Nikki, Eric, me and Randall (who, the night before, had stolen my phone!)

Batch 1999!


I could not find all the other photos, or even my own, but the above photos were taken from Em’s albums. Thanks sooo much Em! Check out all the photos of YIF’s Bicol trip here and here.