So I was busy being a mother and doing my “home-based business” in call center mode today when I check in to my Facebook and voila!

My friend and STS (Science, Technology and Society) favorite seat mate Miapurple tagged me in a post, saying, “See what I found circulating on facebook! This looks very familiar”

And lo and behold!

This photo originally appears in this blog post.

I can’t say I don’t agree. Motherhood is really more fun here in the Philippines…. but I wish, I wish… I wish, I thought of this meself! Hahaha!

I can’t also help but feel sad. I miss this. This is just one of the things I miss so much ever since I handled the bar.

That was a beautiful trip out in Caramoan and Lia was especially funny being a lizard in Manlawi. I hope Lia and I will get to go out more this year. I am already looking forward to it!