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February 2012

Lia and Mama Hugging Otherwise Known as the Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

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I’m dead bored as dead bored as can be so these past days I have been going through Stumbleupon, Pinterest, YouTube, 8tracks and Wanelo. My Facebook wall has been flooded with status updates, videos, links and images.

I absolutely love Wanelo (Find unique products and stores you’ve never heard of) and here are just some of the items that ended up on my FB wall with my various comments.

Tree of Knowledge Custom Bookcase on Etsy

Whatever Wall Clock


What’s In A Smile?

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I found Lia this morning in the mood for, shall we say, a little photo shoot. She is more often than not reluctant for one. I was able to take about four photos, four photos with her doing her idea of a smile.

When I told her to do “a pretty smile,” that about ended it all.

Here is what I think the best of the batch (of four), in which, her father commented, “Is she laughing or crying? But I vote for constipated.”



My Own Precious Moments

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Hi guys, I’m back. I guess I am.

From the posts on my Facebook wall, it seems that what will naturally follow is a resurrection of this blog. Yep, I ain’t busy no mo and because I ain’t I gots all the time in the worl’.

After dropping by the bar to put the glasswares away, in preparation for today’s Riot Show 3, a short stop at the mall, and a cup of coffee with some friends at Starbucks, Lia and I went home early. We also went to bed early, and as they say, early to bed, early to rise to catch the early worm. Or whatever.

We were up at five in the morning and since then I have been looking through photos and listening to music. As I was about to fall back to sleep, I saw my daughter sleeping with her hands under her cheek, like I do, and I just had to get my camera, dusty and badly in need of a visit to the service center, out and take a photo.

This is perhaps one of those precious moments that I might have missed had I been still at the bar.


Music for the Soul – Dia Frampton

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Yellow leaves are falling off the tree right outside my window, the wind blows gently, the sun shines through a thin veil of clouds, birds are chirping and flying about on this beautiful morning. My Facebook wall has been flooded with Youtube videos of Train, Adam Levine and Javier Colon, and finally, Dia Frampton – a direct result of watching the premiere of The Voice’s Season 2 and a marathon of the complete first season.

It’s a good Saturday morning filled with music. My veins are throbbing with caffeine and my heart is full. I am ready to fall back into bed with Dia Frampton’s soulful voice in the background as I play her RED album.

If I heard her song on the radio and I hadn’t seen her on TV, I would think I’m listening to another Brit singer – just about my favorite musicians on the planet.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with these eyes? And this voice? And the simplicity written all over her face? I’m absolutely mesmerized.


Quiet Days with Lia

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These past days are relatively quiet days that Lia and I spend doing little errands here and there together. We are now becoming a common sight in our little town: the skinny mom with the English-speaking always-in-a-pair-of-violet-sandals little girl walking around, buying fruits at the sidewalk, bread at the local bakery, walking in and out of little groceries, going in and out of local banks, eating at the carenderia and basically hanging out.

Lia likes riding padyaks (bicycle with a sidecar used for public transportation) and giving instructions to the driver: “That way! That waaaaay! That waaaay to Lolo’s house!” and greeting everyone who greets her as we get nearer and nearer our house. A “Hi Liaaaaa! Hi Liaaaaa!” can be heard right and left as we pass by. Lia is popularly known in our place as the little Bebe, my own nickname in this neighborhood where I grew up and spent my days until I was sixteen.

Our days pass by, just spending time with friends – friends whom I have been neglecting because I was so busy with the bar; and spending time with Lia: reading books, making puzzles, coloring, singing, dancing and playing. We play hide-and-seek and all kinds of pretend-play like cooking and being Princesses. We even play games on the laptop, like Garden Dash because Lia loves flowers, and Farm Frenzy because Lia loves the farm animals. She sits in front of me while I surf the internet and randomly point out things she sees on my screen and says, “Mama, I like this,” – and that is how I got to click on that nice fox that led to this pink and violet site, Foxy Bingo, which Lia liked. Pink and violet happens to be Lia’s favorite colors as of the moment. Too bad we could not play anything on that site but by god, I was tempted to buy a perfume! Furever by Foxy sounds like it smells nice. Haha!

Except for the text messages I am getting from so-and-so people about this and that, that seriously, I think I should not have to deal with, I am liking these days. I hope for more of these in the coming months. These times are priceless.