I found Lia this morning in the mood for, shall we say, a little photo shoot. She is more often than not reluctant for one. I was able to take about four photos, four photos with her doing her idea of a smile.

When I told her to do “a pretty smile,” that about ended it all.

Here is what I think the best of the batch (of four), in which, her father commented, “Is she laughing or crying? But I vote for constipated.”


Here are the others. All of which were actually just my way of showing everyone how fat, err, chubby, Lia has become. Hahahaha. Someone told me I’m not being a good mom, and honestly, I took that with offense. We all have different ways of parenting and one way is no better than another’s. Lia is a sweet, caring, polite and friendly little girl. I don’t think I’m doing a lot of wrong things in how I raise her. We parent not totally according to who we are but also on who our kids are. My parenting might be considered radical in this provincial town and city, and my utmost refusal to not have a nanny may be considered ill-conceived, but I like spending time with my daughter and being able to control whom she spends her time with and how. I like being in control of what she watches on television, what she reads and what she hears – even if that means I have to do laundry every other day, clean up after her mess of food, books and toys three to four times a day, wash bottles all the time, take her to the bathroom to pee every two hours, so on and so forth. I don’t want a nanny. I don’t need a nanny. I don’t need to work either. I can stay all day at home and just take care of her and I’m fine by it. Ok, I’m angry and it shows. Sorry.

As I was saying, here are the others…. (to take our minds off this rant).