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March 2012

Chronicles: An Introduction

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My unscientific stereotyping of Facebook users based on status updates and posted photos:

Toddler pictures: late twenties to early thirties
Child(ren) and toddler: early thirties to forties
Travels: singles with quarter life crisis
Old photos: quarter life crisis
Foodies: single females with quarter life crisis
Hobbies/running/photography/biking/diving/etc: single males with quarter life crisis
Pet pictures: single but looking
Bitter status updates: just turned single
Couple pictures: newly minted “in a relationship”
Status updates defining love: either “it’s complicated” or in a heterosexual relationship
Youtube/myspace links: maraming oras sa trabaho
Digg: bored
Religious quotes: your parents
Spam: gullible
Zynga games: escapist

This was posted by someone called H on Facebook and I happen to fall under “late twenties to early thirties” and yes, “quarter life crisis”, at least if I have every intention of living up to a hundred twenty.

Yes, I have been posting a lot of old photos. Not for anything but because my mother passed away, my father has “gone missing”, my siblings’ families are in other countries and I was left all alone at our family home in Camarines Sur, with nothing but a lot of people that I miss and a lot of mementoes of their once all being there. Since my mother has been gone for a year, that gave me license to clean up our home and move things. That’s when I went through all the family albums, all the childhood toys and clothes, and all the things I left in my bedroom when I left when I was seventeen. A lot have changed and yet nothing really has. The more things change, the more they stay the same, so the cliche goes.

It was fun to know that people that I thought I met just last year were actually people that I knew from years ago because they showed up in the photos of me and my siblings. Some of them were still skinny, some of them still had hair, some of them looked “really hot” but yes, they are still the same people.


What to See In Kalibo, Aklan While Waiting for Flight

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On our way back to Manila, we left Boracay early and afforded us a little time in Kalibo to grab some lunch at Kitty’s Kitchen and drop by the Kalibo Cathedral.




Kitty’s Kitchen is recommended for its barbecue ribs so that’s what we tried – and we we’re not disappointed. (Click here to see a list of other establishments in Kalibo and their specialties)


Boracay with the Family 2011

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Though I have been to Boracay once in 2010 when I went with MangoRED, it was my family’s first time last year. Prior to these trips to Boracay, we have vowed to make Boracay last in the list of places we wanted to go to. One, we liked our beach uncommercialized. Two, we always thought it was expensive to go to Boracay. These have been changed. A commercialized beach appeals in some way and going to Boracay does not have to be expensive.

We were supposed to go with a group of 11 that included my aunt and all of my mother’s friends who I used to arrange their trips for when my mother was still alive, but only my aunt and her friend made it. We took Kalai and Nick along for the trip since we had lots of extra rooms booked at Blue Mango Inn.

Because I was swamped with work and fixing problems with the Amigo film screening in Naga that coincided with this trip, we missed our flight to Caticlan and had to buy new tickets on a different airline on the last trip to Kalibo. Instead of arriving in the afternoon at the resort, we arrived late at night because of the additional 2 hour land travel from Kalibo to Caticlan.


The Boracay trip was booked and planned as early as March 2011 and the Amigo screening was originally scheduled for August so despite H’s complaints on how the trip went, it was not my fault that I was so beleaguered on this trip. Alas, some people just do not get what that means.

We all loved Blue Mango Inn. It’s situated in Station 3, away from all the noise and hustle and bustle of all the other stations. It’s very homey. We loved hanging out on the beachfront and having our meals at our family room’s patio. We had the garden apartment and family rooms booked and that afforded us our own garden patios. We spent a lot of time over breakfast, over dinner, over drinks, having great conversations with our friends.


My Travel Wish List for the Year

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I am compiling a list of places to go this year.

1. Tambaron, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

An island owned by the family of one of our friends, we are invading this resort in May.

Visit their website at and view this video made by one of the guests to see what Bulalacao has to offer.

The upcoming trip will be a reunion trip of sorts with our Travel Factor friends, and it will be the first time Lia (age 3) and Calix (age 1.5) will be together on a trip!

2. Misibis Bay

Located in Cagraray Island, Albay, this resort is considered to be a top-end resort; but because this resort is only in Albay, a place that I consider to be accessible, it is on my to-go-to list.

They recently had a summer sale for March-May 2012 for only P16,000+ net for 3d/2n package for two that made me think this place is not so expensive to go to after all! Too bad we already have other plans for the summer but I am going to wait patiently for the next promo and off we will go!


Waves of the Danube – a 1997 Recital

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I did a major cleaning of my childhood home in Camarines Sur last month. Some of the things I found in my old bedroom, kept in a box stowed in the bottom drawer of my cabinet, are recital programmes from high school.

Recital Programmes, 1997-1999

I disliked having to attend regular music class so I enrolled in a special piano class at our school’s College of Music. At the end of every school year, a recital was held. I can only vaguely recall my recitals and even the pieces I played.

These programmes helped remind me. In the 1997 recital, I played Ivanovici‘s Waves of the Danube.


The Wall of Love – an Inspiration

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My brother and I have a favorite movie called Sky of Love (2003). (Though apparently it is a remake of another film called Ditto released in 2000). For more information on that, click here to read the review.)

There is a scene there that I loved and it was what inspired this shot:

This photo did not escape my friend Leia’s notice and started a conversation on Facebook.


A Little Photo Shoot at Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa, Marinduque

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For fun, we did a little photo shoot during our stay at the island. Here are some of my favorite photos.

I came up with most of the concepts, described to H how I wanted or would like it to be done, and he took the shots. If there was something he did not get, I would get the camera and show him how I wanted it to look. All the photos were shot in RAW because I love to shoot RAW. I also did the post processing.

Of course some of them were surprising. It always amazes me how an idea when acted upon can produce the most surprising results. You have something in your head, you try to concretize it, but when you are there, though you somehow have an idea how it will turn out, and actually hope it would turn out the way you hoped it would be and yet hope it would come out better; in the end, it’s still always a “shot in the dark.”

A look in a particular direction, a particular tilt of the head, a hint of a smile or even a big, happy smile, little things that make the difference. A ray of light on this side, or that side, or on this particular detail. Little things that make or break it.

I’m not a photographer really. I’m not a model either. I just happen to like nice photos.