We we’re all up early the next morning for some breakfast by the beach and it was a beautiful sunny day!

By the beach. Photo by Angku.

Breakfast with the girls. Photo by Lloyd Gonzaga.

Food at Bellarocca is expensive. Tapsilog alone is at P400+, but I guess that is no match for the burger in Amanpulo, which I heard costs about P2,000.

Angku, photo by Lloyd Gonzaga.

Yes, I was having a relaxing time at the resort. Something I have not done in a long time, and something I have been repeatedly told by friends and loved ones that I deserved, after a year of being at the bar. “Angku, I like your Bellarocca photos. You look so refreshed!” to which I replied, “Yes, I slept a lot, spent a lot of time in the bath tub with books and an energizing hydro soak, not to mention long hot showers followed by a blast of cold shower.” That was surely refreshing.

A place for sleeping

It was sunny and yet there was a breeze blowing that made sleeping in these loungers absolutely perfect.

It was also a good day for taking pretty pictures.

The lap pool. Photo by Ruth Rivera-Manalo

My friend H and I

At the back of the golf cart. Sariling kayod. On an island tour.

We took some photos then went on an island tour via the golf carts, a tour we used to look for some nice spots to take some photos at later in the day. I especially liked the Tea House and the Meditation House, farther up the island.

After the tour, we were tired and was suffering from too much heat. We headed to the restaurant for some lunch, where the staff gave us cold towels without us asking. That was very thoughtful!

Umbrella patterns. Photo by H

We had some pasta and the most refreshing buko juice ever! Servings can be deceiving at Bellarocca. For example, when they say it’s good for one, it’s really good for two. When they say it’s good for two, it’s good for three. That is a good thing I suppose, since items on the menu are on the steep side.

After lunch, we went back to our room to watch more movies. We scheduled another tour of the island later at four, which resulted to something else, but will post on that later.

The Santorini of the Philippines. Photo by Angku.

During our stay at the resort, there were only 44 guests in the island. Our group alone comprised 1/4 of that. This was our favorite table, where we dined as a group.

Myla at our favorite table at the resto. Photo by Ruth Rivera-Manalo

On our second night, there were fewer guests and dinner buffet was not available. We wanted to try their pancit and ordered ensalada along with it. Their ensalada was sooo good that now I’m addicted to ensalada and bagoong.

We spent the rest of the evening by the pool just hanging out, drinking and eating. We all went to bed early because we all wanted to be up even earlier the next day so we could do other things we have not done, like wind surfing, snorkeling (especially for me), and maybe some kayaking too.

But come the next morning, it was cloudy and windy during the early hours.

It was too windy to do anything, so we just hung out again over breakfast and while waiting for our transfer back to the mainland.

Waiting on a Sunday. Photo by Ruth Rivera-Manalo

We were offered free van transport from the resort port all the way to Cawit port, where we boarded the twelve noon ferry back to Dalahican port.

Aboard the ro-ro (terminal fee of P22 and fare of P340/pax), I found a windy spot on the top deck, ate some chips, chocolate marshmallows, and promptly fell asleep on a bench. I guess I never change. I’m Maha after all. Mahanginan lang, tulog na.

Upon arrival at the Dalahican port, we went to our respective cars and drove to Buddy’s Pizza, located in Quezon Avenue at the the Lucena city proper, where we had sumptuous late lunch!

On the second floor.

Our cars parked across the street.

The pretty ceiling

We stopped over at the Shell station in SLEX for some coffee and more bonding time at Starbucks before finally saying our goodbyes. Til next time. Plans for a trip to Caramoan, Las Casas de Acuzar in Bataan and Thunderbird Resort in Poro Point are in the works for the group. Til then!