I am compiling a list of places to go this year.

1. Tambaron, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

An island owned by the family of one of our friends, we are invading this resort in May.

Visit their website at tambaron.com and view this video made by one of the guests to see what Bulalacao has to offer.

The upcoming trip will be a reunion trip of sorts with our Travel Factor friends, and it will be the first time Lia (age 3) and Calix (age 1.5) will be together on a trip!

2. Misibis Bay

Located in Cagraray Island, Albay, this resort is considered to be a top-end resort; but because this resort is only in Albay, a place that I consider to be accessible, it is on my to-go-to list.

They recently had a summer sale for March-May 2012 for only P16,000+ net for 3d/2n package for two that made me think this place is not so expensive to go to after all! Too bad we already have other plans for the summer but I am going to wait patiently for the next promo and off we will go!

Check their website at misibisbay.com as well as Anton and Calvin‘s blogs for more info.


3. Calicoan Island, Eastern Samar

I have been eyeing this island for the past years. I know a number of friends who have been there because of the surf. This year might actually be the year that I will make it!

My plan is to book one night at the Surf Camp and one night night in the next resort, Calicoan Villa, just to be able to try since there isn’t a substantial difference in their room rates.

Surf Camp
Tropical Villa for 4 P8,400/night
Superior Cottage for 3 P6,700/night
Deluxe Cottage for 2 P6,150/night

Calicoan Villa
Php3,000 – Aircon rooms with Private Bath
Php2,500  – Aircon rooms with Common Bath
Php2,000  – Non-Aircon rooms with Common Bath

Here are a number of useful blogs for reference:


4. Sambawan Island, Biliran

One of my friends from Samar shared this photo of an island in the province of Biliran in the Visayas called Sambawan, and instantly put this island on my list of to-go-to this year.

From the looks of this province, at least in the photos, this might be a good place to keep coming back to again and again, just to check out what else there is.

Here is a list of interesting links!

Also, here is a video:

It looks like I might be booking flights to Tacloban very soon.

5. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bagac, Bataan

H has actually been here just last month. I have been hearing of the place and seeing it on television as well as magazines but I have not really been that interested, until now.

I asked myself, “Why not?”

With a day tour rate of P1,200net per person with the following inclusions:
• Welcome Drinks
• 30 Minutes to 1 Hour Guided Tour of the Heritage Houses
• Entrance Fee and Use of Beach Area
• 1 Lunch, Afternoon Snack, 2 Tetra-packed Juices, 2 Bottles of Mineral Water
• Vicinity Map
• All Taxes and Service Charge

…this trip will be well worth it.

If one wishes to stay overnight, the cheapest accommodations at a Deluxe Studio goes for P3,825 inclusive of breakfast for two. The casas can go up to Php45,000/night (6-bedroom).

Visit their website at lascasasdefilipinas.com

There are a gazillion blogs on this resort because of its accessibility but here are some of the ones I liked the most:

6. San Vicente, Palawan

There is an ongoing deal at a group buying site that prompted me to look Capari Resort up, and was surprised to learn that it is a resort in San Vicente, Palawan. The very first time I heard of this town was when two foreigners walked into Balay Tubay Bistro and Galeri in El Nido, Palawan one evening as we were hanging out with our friends and proceeded to tell us that they came from Boracay with their dirt bikes aboard the ferry to check out this 14-km white sand beach. That was way back in 2005.

Since then I have been thinking about how to go there. I have passed by that fork in the road going to San Vicente every time I made the land travel from El Nido to Puerto Princesa (or vice versa) and it always seemed like a really forlorn one. I heard that the roads were so bad that you needed dirt bikes. I also heard going by boat was a good, though expensive, option. Our neighbor in El Nido, and is actually my kumare because I am godmother to her and her husband’s son, is from San Vicente and has invited me to go to her hometown more than once. I always sort of balked at the idea because there were no accommodations in the area. In recent years though I have been seeing photos posted by friends from El Nido of construction in San Vicente. Resorts are being constructed left and right, as well as an airport. Or so I heard. I am torn between being happy about the developments and sad about the environmental issues that come with it.

One can never be sure until one sees for oneself, right? So I guess I really am going some time this year. I would probably find myself in this resort.

Check out their website at capariresort.com and their Facebook page.

I found two helpful blogs as well:

7. Mt. Pinatubo, Zambales

Yes, I’m sorry to say I have not been up the crater lake. Why? Because I suck at trekking, climbing, hiking. Let’s just call this trip one baby step towards eventually climbing Mt. Pulag.

8. Donsol, Sorsogon

Also, I’m sorry to say that I have not been there either. I already revealed this secret here and it is gnawing at me incessantly. If I am to make it this year, I better do it before the end of May. That is soooo SOON.

and last but not the least,

9. Stonehouse Gardens, Panicuason, Naga

Back in May 2010, I made a reservation to this place but never made it. On that day, May 8, which I perfectly remember as it was also Mother’s Day, Typhoon Bebeng raged Bicol. I remember laying in bed, wondering what to do for the day, as the winds howled outside our window and the rain fell in torrents. It was also the day of Pacquiao vs Mosley. The day before, flights from Manila to Naga were cancelled because of zero visibility. I remember that too because Johnoy Danao was on a Cebu Pacific plane that failed to land at the Naga/Pili airport, causing us to cancel and re-schedule his gig at Wharf Galley Rock Cafe that night.

I have since then made other arrangements for me to be able to still use the payment I made and visit the place. I am scheduled to go for an overnight stay with Lia sometime very soon. I am looking forward to the sunset dinner the most. I love food and I expect it to be good at Stonehouse Gardens since they have their own organic farm. I also cannot wait to sample their coffee!

Check out their website at www.stonehousegardensresort.com

They are also on Facebook. Click here to view their page.

*All the photos above were taken from their Facebook page.

A Google search did not turn up any blogs except one that I made last year and this. Yon Layosa took some really great shots of the resort and you can view them here.



It’s a simple list and I believe quite doable. I’m not into travel so much now that I am older. Actually, I feel really old. There are times when I, in the middle of a trip to some place, surprise myself by actually thinking, “I hate travel!”, which causes me to double up and say, “Wow, am I still me? Did I really just say that?”

I just like sleeping so much and I do not think a sleep is good enough if not done on a comfortable bed with nice pillows, and taking a bath is not good enough if not done in a comfortable bathroom. I’m sorry but I just feel really old and tired and when I do find the time to travel, I would rather not come home more tired than I already was.

So for now I am compiling a very simple list of places I’d like to go to and see this year. I used to travel every two weeks or at least once a month, now I’d like to travel every two months to allow for more rest in between. I also used to be on the road for a week or more at a time, now I can’t do that anymore. I am more often that not found with my toddler in tow and travel should be confined to at most four days every time to still be tolerable.