My unscientific stereotyping of Facebook users based on status updates and posted photos:

Toddler pictures: late twenties to early thirties
Child(ren) and toddler: early thirties to forties
Travels: singles with quarter life crisis
Old photos: quarter life crisis
Foodies: single females with quarter life crisis
Hobbies/running/photography/biking/diving/etc: single males with quarter life crisis
Pet pictures: single but looking
Bitter status updates: just turned single
Couple pictures: newly minted “in a relationship”
Status updates defining love: either “it’s complicated” or in a heterosexual relationship
Youtube/myspace links: maraming oras sa trabaho
Digg: bored
Religious quotes: your parents
Spam: gullible
Zynga games: escapist

This was posted by someone called H on Facebook and I happen to fall under “late twenties to early thirties” and yes, “quarter life crisis”, at least if I have every intention of living up to a hundred twenty.

Yes, I have been posting a lot of old photos. Not for anything but because my mother passed away, my father has “gone missing”, my siblings’ families are in other countries and I was left all alone at our family home in Camarines Sur, with nothing but a lot of people that I miss and a lot of mementoes of their once all being there. Since my mother has been gone for a year, that gave me license to clean up our home and move things. That’s when I went through all the family albums, all the childhood toys and clothes, and all the things I left in my bedroom when I left when I was seventeen. A lot have changed and yet nothing really has. The more things change, the more they stay the same, so the cliche goes.

It was fun to know that people that I thought I met just last year were actually people that I knew from years ago because they showed up in the photos of me and my siblings. Some of them were still skinny, some of them still had hair, some of them looked “really hot” but yes, they are still the same people.

After a week of turning our family home upside down and inside out if that was even possible, I went back to Manila to do the same thing. For the past two weeks, I have been cleaning out closets and re-organizing things – a task that could have been simpler if in the Philippines, there was such a thing as an attic or a basement in every home to store things you didn’t want to see during particular periods of the year, or your life for that matter.

After I was done with organizing material things, I went to sit in front of my laptop, with two external hard disks, a box of DVDs and CDs, three memory cards AND went about the task of organizing my data storage.

I have now organized all the picture files, all the music files, and nearly all of the document files. I have gone through three laptop changes and have carried over the files from each every time.

And now I will start going through the stories of the past. Quarter life crisis or not.