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May 2012

Imagining the Future: Europe and Southeast Asia EUC Photography Competition

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Please follow these links for the guidelines for submissionjudging panel as well as the official entry form. Alternatively, this information is available in our Facebook page.

For enquiries relating to the competition please contact or 6513 2003


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You Had Me at Exciting

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There were a number of articles that amused me the past days, triggered by this article someone from my network shared:

“10 Reasons Why You Should Date Someone in the Arts”

Frankly fed up with the onslaught of articles on “Date a Man who Reads“, “Date A Girl Who Travels,” “Date a Boy who Travels,” and more recently, “Don’t Date a Boy who Travels,” this article is a refreshing break. Though now that I have re-read the article, “Date a Girl who Reads“… or Writes, for that matter, I have, never been this agreeable, nodding my head, more times than I can count. In between little smiles of course. Why we are obsessed with justifying WHAT we date is beyond me, but that’s just me, whose so-called tastes have always been baffling to many, to say the least.

1. They will always have a friend who’s in a show, or having a reading, or playing a gig, or showing in an art gallery.

You will go on dates such as these, not because we have friends who are in a show, or  reading, or a gig, or having an exhibit, but because, we simply cannot think of anything else to do or a better place to go than that, off the top of our heads. Or that’s where we we’re going anyway, before you expressed interest in joining us.

Below that is a link to a supposedly related article on 5 Date Ideas for Night Owls. I have never been a morning person and if it we’re up to me, no date should start before five in the afternoon, but there is a shortage of people who are up for dates after midnight, at least in my 30 years of experience. Unless they want sex. And in that point, is that a real “date”?

Which brings me to:

3. People who work in the arts often have relatively free/strange schedules.

Yup, that’s us, the blokes with the strange schedules. Actually, we’re even raising our eyebrows at the word, “strange.” To us, nothing is ever considered strange.

Which, promptly, brings us to:


Thirsty Thirty at B-Side Makati May 31, 2012

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Because I’m 3 plus 0!

Thanks again for everyone who has made this event possible. Thank you B-Side Makati, Anna and Juela, for accommodating.

Thanks Che Santos of On-Air Studio for all the help. It could’ve been Cubao X coz you know how much I love that place but here we are now!

Thanks to all the artists who will make the time and effort and everything else to be there. I appreciate it with all my heart.

Thanks to all my friends who will be giving away stuff, hosting, doing the documentation, and all that jazz.

Big shout out to my friends from the U.P. Repertory Company, Dax Carnay, Albert Cruz and Marvin Salazar of who will be our hosts for the night.

And for those who will be coming, let’s all have a really great time!

See you there!

Here is the Facebook event page:

Here’s the link to the first-released blog and poster.

B-Side is in Makati, check out their website at and their Facebook page here.  Map is here.

Tingnan ang Mas Malaking Mapa


Home – That Secret Place, Music from Phillip and Dia

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Just like some of my friends, if not most, I followed American Idol Season 11 closely from day 1 til the very end. I did the same for The Voice too, since I became a fan of Dia Frampton and developed a girly crush on Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, both at the same time, but that’s beside the point. Maybe I just had too much free time the past months but I have to blog about how much I loved that song by Phillip Phillips.

Settle down, it’ll all be clear
Don’t pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found

Just know you’re not alone
Cause I’m going to make this place your home ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪

I always say I’m a fan of country music. So perhaps that’s one reason. Another is that, I’m always looking for “home” and in the process, I’ve made more homes than what is conventional.

That being said, I am reminded of my favorite Dia Frampton song, Homeless, from her studio album, Red.

Hands touch, eyes meet, I remember perfectly the night we fell in love.

Everywhere we go is home baby home, home is you’re with me
Everything we touch is love, baby love, love is all we need
Is all we need, is all we need.

I don’t need a roof over my head while I’ve got your hands
To shade the sun away from my face
I don’t need a space to call my own, to scatter records on my floor,
You’re my secret place.

Skip to 1:29 to get the song started, though why would you do that, when there is just amazing Dia cuteness for those first minute and a half.

If you would rather just listen to the music, here is a link to that video.

Yes, I’m also a Jessica fan, what after all those goosies-inducing (we’re all using “goosies” now as per JLo) performances, and most especially that duet with Jennifer Holliday, but really, we didn’t mind that much that she did not win. We love her no matter what and it IS American Idol after all.

As a side story, I loved the following articles on the Jessica Sanchez vs Phillip Phillips hulaballoo.


I especially love that last article. Wow, amazing, an entire scientific paper on why Phillip Phillips won! I can’t but help I did the paper myself! The graphs were just amazing (big wide eyes here)

All those being said, I’m not bitter about all this. I like them both, and really, now, I don’t care anymore. There is no place in music for that kind of bitterness, is just what I think.


Step Up 4 Revolution coming to Theaters July 2012

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I don’t know about dance movies but they just excite me so and I am even more excited with this most recent film in the Step Up franchise. I swear I got goosebumps just watching the trailer.

“Step Up Revolution” movie hits theaters in North America July 27, followed by Australia on August 2 and France, the UK and other European markets on August 8-10. No word yet on when it’s showing in the Philippines.

Emily (Kathryn McCormick), daughter of a wealthy businessman, arrives in Miami with aspirations of becoming a professional dancer and soon falls in love with Sean (Ryan Guzman), a young man who leads a dance crew in elaborate, cutting-edge flash mobs. The crew, called the MOB, strives to win a contest for a major sponsorship opportunity, but soon Emily’s father threatens to develop the MOB’s historic neighborhood and displace thousands of people.

Directed by: Scott Speer
Cast: Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman, Stephen Boss, Chadd Smith, Tommy Dewey, Cleopatra Coleman
produced by: John Chu

Step Up Revolution official movie trailer 2012 courtesy Summit Entertainment.

They may change cast each and every time but I am happy that my favorite character, Moose (Adam Sevani) has been there since the second film. I’m a little sad Claire (Alyson Stoner), isn’t this time around.

Who cares about the plot or the acting? We watch these movies for the dance, plain and simple. All that dancing…. Enough said.

I always go out of the theater feeling all hyped up, moved, if that’s a better term.

For more info:


30 going on 18! The Come One, Come All Gig

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Finally, this poster is out! Thanks soo much to Eric Po of Your Imaginary Friends who took the time to make the poster for this event.

Click here to view the event page on Facebook.

I’ll tell you what this is about. This is about music, about friendship, about passion and the dedication to it. This is about you and me. This is a gig for and by friends. This is a gig because I turned 30 and I feel so blessed to be surrounded by friends who are all lovely in every sense of the word, no matter what world they move around in – music, arts, theater, tv, film, travel and everything in between.

I’ll tell you what this is NOT about. This is NOT a private event. This is a come one and come all party so bring yer friends, that would make us soo, soo happy. The more, the manyer, as they say. This is NOT about me. This is about YOU, and you, and you, and you (in Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez fashion) and we are not going anywhere… we are staying here, because we love it here and we love everything about our friends, our passions, our craft, our drive and dedication, our family, our work, and everything that shape us.

Thank you all so much for being a part of this life, and that life, and everything in between.

Performances by:

William Elvin (of Happy Days Ahead)
Diwa de Leon
The Chongkeys
Dai I Chi
Coffeebreak Island
Your Imaginary Friends
Tetas and the Twat
Lougee and the Cherry Bums
The Discoball
The UP Repertory Company

We hope to see you there!

Thank you to all the bands and artists who said yes to my invitation. From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you for being so accommodating and very, very gracious. I hope we all have a good time out there on this night.

We are also giving away stuff from Palamuti Storytelling Jewels, Agos Pilipinas and Travel Factor. Thank you guys for the support in this!

B-Side is in Makati, check out their website at and their Facebook page here.  Map is here.

Tingnan ang Mas Malaking Mapa


Team Tambaron in Oriental Mindoro

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Only my second trip to the beach this year, as I am getting really old (ding! ding! ding!) and do not have the energy to travel every other week like I used to, is a trip with my favorite travel friends. Four years of amazing friendship and counting, and we are growing old, growing bigger, growing in numbers through literal multiplication and addition of kids and pets and even travel gnomes and stuffed toys, and we are looking forward to more, more of this, more of that, more drinks, more music, more friends, more laughs, more crazy pegs, more memes, more ridiculous ideas to pass the time with! Our trip this time included two toddlers, two sets of parents, couples, singles and a jack russell terrier that Lia has renamed as Bingopopoipoy. It was a one of a kind weekend indeed. We were headed to Tambaron Green Beach Resort that our friends AJ and Maya and their family owned for nearly forty years.

Going to Tambaron Island in Bulalacao, Mindoro Oriental involves taking a bus from Cubao to Batangas, a ro-ro from the port of Batangas to the port of Calapan, a chartered van from the port of Calapan to the port of Bulalacao and a banca ride from Bulalacao port to the resort. We left Cubao at 1:30am and was at the resort in time for lunch – that’s nearly 10 hours of travel for a total kilometers of 255 (or 155 miles) from Manila to the town of Bulalacao. The early morning ro-ro ride was fast enough that it only took 2 hours, so we we’re able to stop for breakfast in Calapan.

I first packed Lia an individual bag filled with her things, only to realize that for a small person, she had way too many things and that it was a better option to just bring one big suitcase filled with all our stuff, in addition to my usual backpack and camera bag. Lia now thankfully can carry her own little backpack filled with some of her most needed items, like a face towel, a jacket, a bonnet, some cookies and candies, and a bottle of water. I love that! I had recently purchased packing bags from Travel Essentials and found them to be as useful as I thought they would be. Thanks Tessa for making these wonderful stuff for travelers like us. I love them!



We’ve recently been fans of the newest fashion blogger Aaron, and well, he inspires us! Enough for us to do the following shots, while we we’re all standing by the road, waiting for our van drivers to change our ridiculously flat tire.



Session Road at 14

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I made it! I made it out! The first gig I’ve been to since I got back to Manila and of course, I brought my camera with me, but managed to take zilch photos. It was so much more fun to just enjoy the music and the company of friends.

It was so nice to see and be with my friends Summer and Jake, and Katte and Via, and hang out with Ayla. Thanks Geronimo Photographico for the one and only proof that I was actually there. I made it with what’s supposed to be my Goth Mom look, but what Ayla calls “Catwoman” look (and don’t ask me why). I am fine with cat woman, because it makes me think of Puss in Boots, which happens to be a character I identify with. Boom!

With Ayla

DUP friends Katte and Via

Session Road

It was also nice to do little chitty chats with the band, and talk about their last gig. Oh, I have yet to post the photos from that event. In the next blog post, then.

To view more photos from the event, click here.


Lia in her Podadat Dress

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Mama, look at me! I’ve got long hair, parading herself in front of me, wearing her towel on her head. I asked her if she wanted her photo taken, and she stood in front of me, as serious as she can get, with only the slightest hint of mischief in her eyes. The usual. I could only gaze at her and wonder how she can be so much like me, yet so much better.

This morning, when I ran my errands while she was at her play school, I chanced on a store that sold this plastic crown. Promptly, I took it to the cashier with me. When I showed it to her the minute she walked in the door, she exclaimed, “Oh wow, a crown! It’s mine! Oh my gaaahd!” and I had to laugh. I did not teach her to say “Oh my god” after all, and in that manner too. I get asked often enough where she gets her accent, and I should be excused when I shake my head in ignorance.