I know at one point I seriously considered homeschooling for my daughter and I still have not completely crossed that out for the future, but Lia was just driving me insane with our activities together at home, that one afternoon, I found myself going through and talking to three different schools that offered any semblance of a toddlers class.

I was forever looking at Twinkle Toes Ballet and Music Academy and their myriad of classes available for toddlers like Baby Day Care, Baby Ballet, Kiddie Yoga, Baby Hop Hop Storytelling, and Little Chef’s but the distance always turned me off. It’s in Fairview! I knew our chances of actually making it to class were slim.

Someone offered Pink Toes Center for the Performing and Musical Art, which had a branch in Marcos Highway and was considerably nearer; but I called and was informed the youngest they take in is 4 years old. My daughter had just turned three last April.

I kept looking for schools that offered classes in music and dancing because that is what Lia is most interested in but I was running out of options.

I stumbled on Kidz Art Philippines and thought art classes were good enough, good enough to get Lia off my back. “Mama, let’s play together!” “Mama, let’s do puzzle pieces together!” “Mama, let’s go to the playground!” “Let’s take a bath together!” “Mama, draw a cat! a dog! a horse! a frog! a pumpkin! a banana! bananas! a monkey! Draw Ewok! Draw ME! Draw YOU!”

One thing I liked about being at our house in Bicol was the overabundance of kids in the neighborhood who were always at our house, begging Lia to play. Lia would sometimes close the doors on them, but they’d stay there in balcony and patiently wait, and then later on, they’d be playing like nothing happened. My daughter does not have any kids to play with here in Manila and that’s quite a problem as I stood in as her official playmate all day and all night.

Kidz Art however is all the way in Mandaluyong and classes were from 3-4pm, which is the hour when Lia feels most sleepy and uncooperative.

So in the end, I stumbled on Kids International Learning Academy (KILA) through a forum for moms like me, realized it was only in the next village, called them and made up my mind. It’s a nothing-special class with a little bit of everything.

Last Monday, we were at KILA to enroll and Lia was all excited to go to school. She had giggled at the other little girls who were in their pink ballerina costumes. She had so much fun in the playground at the back that she even refused to leave.

I, for my part, felt like a real adult, bringing my kid to school, filling up forms, asking questions about what to bring and how to bring her to school everyday.

Starting tomorrow, I’d be feeling like a “real” mom preparing Lia’s snacks and putting it in her lunch box, and putting stuff in her little backpack. I’d wait for the school bus and bring her to school, then hang around, reading a book while she enjoys class time with other little kids like her. I’d be prepared for getting more sickness though, like colds and cough!

KILA is a little school in Jetta St. in Village East. They asked me if we we’re considering enrolling her for regular school year and I said we aren’t sure because we don’t know where we will be this June. I’m cool with sending her to that school though. It’s accessible, the rates are reasonable, and I especially love the school bus.

I’m actually making one of Lia’s little dreams come true! “Mama, I want to go to school, ride a school bus and make friends!”

And that’s just one of my little roles in life – to make sure my daughter’s dreams come true. <3


Related info:

Twinkle Toes Ballet and Music Academy
167 Place Casa Milan Commercial Commonwealth Avenue Fairview, Quezon City
Contact: +63-917-5460-515, +63-922-822-9468, 02-434-9928

Pink Toes Center for the Performing and Musical Art
2nd flr Northridge Plaza, Congressional Ave. Quezon City
604 Park Ave. Vermont Park Marcos Highway Antipolo City (Contact Number: 02-668-2118)
32 Buick Street, Barangay Greater Fairview, Quezon Cityy
4 Esteban Abada St., Bgy. Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Website: http://pinktoes87.webs.com/

Kidz Art Philippines
3F-2 500 Shaw Zentrum, Shaw Blvd.Mandaluyong City
Phone: 02-925-9950
Facebook: Kidz Art Philippines
Website: http://kidzartphilippines.com/

Kids International Learning Academy (KILA)
27 Jetta St. Village East Cainta, Rizal
Website: http://kila.edu.ph/preschool/
Phone: 02-656-6911, 02-655-9841, +63-920-901-1546