Prompted by this photo below, I looked up images of Metro Manila’s beautiful skyline. Some of them I had to do a reverse image search on Google just to find the original sources so I can acknowledge rightly and properly.

From WhenInManila‘s Cool Beans Manila album. Click photo to view original source.

photo by JollyGypsy21, hosted on Flickr.

Photo by Harold Nora, hosted on Flickr.

Photo from Nairaland

Photo by Christian Bederico, hosted on Flickr.

Photo from Health Base.

Photo from gamabunta, posted in Wired New York.

Photo by Charles Pulido, image hosted on Multiply.

Most of these photos show Makati and Ortigas, the country’s business districts, as well as Manila Bay.

Photo by beatjunky/djaryan, image hosted on Flickr.

Photo by Jules Terrado, image hosted on Everywhere Mag.

More photos here:

And here’s an interesting board on PinterestSkylines from around the world. If you have a Pinterest account and is into skylines, you may follow this board. 🙂 I like Pinterest! I go through it when I am bored – a very interesting and useful site if you know how to use it.

Thanks to B Canapi for sparking my interest in this.