Because the band, Your Imaginary Friends:

1. Will be playing at the gig I am organizing on May 31st at B-Side Makati and I am making it a point to do a blog feature of each band that will be there

2. Will be playing later at Saguijo Cafe + Bar

I am blogging about them today.

Band Name: Your Imaginary Friends
Ahmad Tanji – Vox/Guitars
Khalid Tanji – Guitars
Em Aquino –
Vox/Bass Eric Po – Drums
Hometown: Bicol/Manila
Record Label: Lilystars Records
Influences: The Smiths, Pixies, The Beatles, Death Cab For Cutie, Interpol, The Postal Service, New Order, Nirvana & Weezer

When fate and fine intentions cross paths, something wonderful must be on hand… and whoever said that good things are worth the wait must have envisioned Your Imaginary Friends lingering in the wings. Four years in the making before arriving at their current lineup, Emerald Aquino (bass) joined brothers Ahmad and Ed Tanji (vox/guitars and guitars respectively) and Eric Po (drummer) in March 2010 with a resolve to do their bit in the name of pop music. They have since been conquering varied audiences with their arresting brand of refreshing pop. Taking cues from the Pixies, The Smiths and Death Cab For Cutie, those who come to experience the band live wait with curiosity until the first line drops to reveal an eargasmic mash-up of the band’s influences—whether it’s their rendition of “Where Is My Mind” by Pixies or their original material, this quartet does not disappoint. With the lofty aspiration to save the world one pop song a day, it is not at all astonishing that Your Imaginary Friends is answering the call. Pop fans welcome the four-piece and their music with more than open arms and ears, putting them on the fast track to their purpose of resuscitating an industry already overwhelmed by insipid repetition.

Official Website:

Your Imaginary Friends did a gig at Wharf Galley at Avenue Square December 2010. I wrote a blog about them that I did not get to finish but I’ve picked up a little bit on it and it is now viewable here.

Breakfast at Bigg's Diner Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

Aside from them being Bicolanos too, these guys are just way too cool, and that is why I love them so. We had two meetings before the gig at Wharf and communicated a lot through e-mails and Facebook. The creative and artistic Eric Po is friends with a lot of my friends because we’re from the same high school batch. The following video was made by Melody C. Castro of 30 Minute Art. She uploaded it on her Youtube Channel – a channel made to share music she loves interpreted in an artwork she made herself. What a creative gal! Check out her blog and her art at

The last time I saw them perform was at Che Santos’ Detour event at Cubao X last January, and I was so happy to see my other friends, members of other bands, singing along to their songs. I love how my friends appreciate each other’s music.

After the gig at Wharf. With the band The Doldrums from Legazpi and other fans. December 3, 2011

The above photo was taken at the old Wharf Galley in Avenue Square after their gig. We we’re holding out the poster that Eric designed himself. They gave me that shirt I was wearing. At that time it was still a little bit big for me. But well, apparently, or one way or the other, it shrunk to fit me perfectly!

Visiting (and hanging out with) my mom, with Lia.

I love those photos of Lia and me taken one lazy February afternoon in Bicol. So much so that it is now my Facebook profile pic. Lia is sooo adorable!

Guys, can I have more of your shirts? 🙂

The band will be playing at B-Side Makati on May 31st. Come check them out. And do get their album. Support original Filipino music and let’s raise our hands in the air! (Yup, itaas ang mga kamay at iwagayway. :P)