That Johnny Depp cameo is awesome!

There, I said it. I rarely blog about the movies I watch because I watch so many, but I just had to blog about this because “that Johnny Depp cameo is awesome!” – and there I said it again.

I took the wrong bus and ended in Megamall instead of Robinsons Galleria. It started raining and I was hungry, so instead of trying to find my way home, I found myself in McDonalds for my usual comfort food of cheesburger, fries and the best-tasting Coca-cola ever, at least in my opinion. The fastfood was full and so is the entire mall! You would think there was a mall-wide sale with the number of people in there, but well, it’s just Mother’s Day and it seemed all the mothers were taken to the mall. I thought about how nice it would be to sit and I knew exactly where comfy seats with nice views can be had.

I went to check out the movie list, “Avengers, seen that. Battleship, seen that. The Lucky One – seen that. Cabin in the Woods, no plans of seeing that, it’s a scary movie. The Road, oh, another scary movie, nope not that. A local scary BUT funny movie, maybe… oh with Ruffa G? Noooo way. Oh a Johnny Depp funny movie? I’m not really into anything funny today. What about an action movie?” Looks at poster and sees two men with guns, with explosions galore in the background, “Oh this looks great!” and completely ignores the synopsis posted outside.

Boy, was I in for a surprise!

It’s not my kind of movie. At some point I considered walking out of the theater and coming home early instead of finishing it. But wait, there’s more! It got funnier and funnier. There weren’t a lot of us in the theater and I was by myself. (Yes, I go to the movies by myself. It’s an old practice.) But we we’re all laughing.

I loved that movie. It’s hilarious.

And then at some point, a guy takes off his mask and it’s Johnny Depp! Amazing how I tried to avoid a funny Johnny Depp movie by going into an an action-comedy film that had Johnny Depp in it. I went to watch this movie totally clueless, but apparently, the film was based on a tv series that aired from 1987 to 1991 that had Johnny Depp in it.

This movie is freakin awesome. I’d recommend it to… guys. 😛

I hope the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO gets to win Best Music at the MTV Music Awards. Hahahaha.